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Thursday, 14 November 2013

New TK Maxx is lethal...in a good way.

So, we have a new TK Maxx store here where i live, its actually so popular at the moment that on Saturdays and Sundays the entrance to the trading estate where its opened, there are usually traffic jams that cause back ups right into town and up the bypass too. So it's insanely popular; that pretty much coveres it.

When i was studying at university i used to visit TK Max in Cardiff which was awesome. I got some pretty epic items in there over the years. I'd also travel down to see my other half so i'd also hit the TK Maxx in Bournemouth, that one was not so great. I really think it's hit and miss with some of their stores. I used to hate the Bournemouth one as i could never find my size, it was messy and usually had prices missing. Where as in comparison the Cardiff store was elite, which, for now, is where the Yeovil store falls.

They have amazing staff, i was served by the same lady two days in a row (i was in there with the husband, then with mother) and this lady- I think she was called Helen- she was amazing. Such a laugh, really kept you entertained while she served you. Amazing customers service. Also obviously the store is all new and shiney and clean, smells nice, looks awesome, has loads and loads of stuff. All of which is labeled and in correct size order! (Not sure how long that will last over Christmas)

So, on to what i bought. First off was this amazing, sheer black shirt. It's quite long, which i love as it covers a multitude of sins, its so comfortable. From a dutch company called Micha. Designer, but obviously had a factory defect so was reduced. Originally £75.00 i bought it from TK Maxx for £14.99.

The only real defect i could find was with the gems around the collar there is one that is slightly out of line, if that's the only reason this was reduced then i can live with that!

Next is this amazing cosey jumper. Quite a chunky knit. But it's super-long and warm, and has this really cute open back detail with a little bow. I absolutely love it. Literally wearing it with everything at the moment, and that was only £15.

I'm definitely a fan to say the least. The Yeovil store is awesome. As a size 16, you do have to be careful of some items as they're designer they're not always true to size. I'd definitely recommend trying stuff on if your unsure or if it has no stretch at all. There are a pair of black velvet Rocket Dog boots i really wanted. I'm usually a size 5 but i tried them on, they're slip-on's with elastic down the side, kind of a Chelsea boot style but heeled platforms, amazing- anyway i tried on a 5 and they were far too narrow, even with the elastic, so i tried on a 6, and they were really easy to put on but a bit too big, i could probably get insoles but they were £35.00 and not really comfy enough to justify having to adjust them to wear them. I think perhaps they were so cheap because of the size differences from the true size.
Thanks for reading lovelies! XxX

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