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Friday, 8 November 2013

Beauty Therapy and I GOT A JOB :/

So, I started my level 2 beauty evening course this week. Needless to say I'm loving it. My Anxiety played up a little the day before and on the day but thanks to the lovely peeps on a facebook support group, some yoga breathing and some music, panic attacks were avoided.
I'm currently studying Wednesday and Thursday nights 6-9. We've already been practicing facials, thats the point at which all the blokes I know laugh! All the women on the course seem lovely, a couple are a bit shy and quiet, I thought I'd be like that but turns out I actually feel quite confident there as its a small group ans our teacher is really nice. Very practical orientated too, as I find it easier to learn things visually anyway.

Turns out I'm a natural. Didn't need too much pushing to just go for it and I'm really proud of myself.
My only real big gripe is with the college itself as I need a bursary for my uniform and kit. My course started on the 6th, apparently applications for bursarys closec on the 1st... so I was apparently somehow supposed to apply for it without knowing what I was actually applying for! Uuugh. So now I have to go back in next week once the admin lady has spoken to her manager to see what she can do. Only problem is I kinda need it within the next week or so and I start my trial at my job next week...

Oh yeah, did I mention I got the job at Primark! I'm not sure how my anxiety or depression will fare but I'm goingbto give it a try. Its only a temporary job anyway for Christmas, so worst comes to the worst I can always leave if I can't get on with juggling that and college yet.
Wish me luck!

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