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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The "C" word... (Christmas)

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming...blah blah coke ad...it has been SEEN by my eyes, therefore it is CHRISTMAS!!!
It's always how I've judged when it's officially holiday season, usually people post a Facebook status saying they've just seen the ad...but it's not real until i have seen it. Granted this year the first time i saw it was in the Cinema last week when i went to see Thor. (Omnom).

Anyway. This year seems as i actually don't have any gifts...and i mean REALLY, i don't have any presents at all as we have lacked the money and the time to get any, i have been given money for Christmas and i shall be getting my tattoo finished and up to date... finally! I'm also renting a stall at my local Christmas Fair this Saturday. Having forgotten this little nugget of information until last week I've been glued to my sewing matching making all manner of cute little Christmas decorations. I restored some sequins onto and old vintage bag and i customised a clutch, I've still got more to make and luckily I've enlisted the help of a friend to run the stall, she'll be adding cakes and various other NOM to stall.

I'm really excited about it. Also 400 views in one day!!! WHOOP. I didn't realise i was so interesting. But i'm not complaining, keep it coming! I'm planning on getting back to where i was. I've missed far too many Blogger meet ups and parties to not get back into the swing of things. I AM getting a camera sorted out so i can start doing v-logs again too, but i shall not be neglecting you my intelligent blog-reading friends! I'm going to try and get into the habit of one post a week on each. :) So keep your eyes peeled my little clementines....

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Barry M-adness

I'm coming to the realisation that i am beyond help when it comes to Barry M nail varnish. It just seems to be my go-to brand for all of my nail needs. I literally have about 30 different shades now. They're long lasting, vibrant, usually one coat and the veriety they have is amazing. If there's a new nail trend the Barry M team probelby have Multiple shades of it already, like right now... Matte effect nails.

There are various tutorial videos about creating a matte finish with just normal glossy varnish at home but this usually involves steam, and the water vapor can thin out the varnish which means it'll chip off easily. So this Matte effect nail varnish is amazing. I'm in love with it anyway.

Here i used Barry M Matte Nail Polish in 'Vanilla', goes on easily, one coat, drys quick, and added bonus is if you do smudge it while it's still damp you can dab it back into place gently with your finger and it'll kind of just blend right back in to how it was. As you can see on my ring finger i've added a layer of Barry M Glitter Polish in 'Diamond glitter', it's so sparkly!!! I'm like a Magpie when i shop so if its got glitter (and skulls) i'm usually hovering around it.

The're reasonably priced too, usually around £3, give or take, and at the moment in Superdrug they have a 3 for 2 offer on all of their make up products and this is included! Plus with your Superdrug points card you get more points to go towards your next purchase- actually i really like their points card system as you literally just go in and get them to scan it with your items and they'll tell you; you have £2 on your card do you want to use it on your purchase today? And you get unexpected money off, which is always a bonus in my book!

Thanks for reading! XxX

Friday, 15 November 2013

DIY Galaxy Nails

I had this idea after browsing for about an hour through shop Dixi and on Black milk Clothing, and quietly crying to myself that i have no money for pretty things before Christmas now. You will need: Several colours of nail varnish, including a dark (base) either black or deep blue/purple. Lighter blues and purples, really pale blue nail varnish, silver/chrome effect nail varnish or clear glitter. And obviously a base coat. Small sponges, or a cut-up make-up sponge, some tooth-picks or a very fine brush, a cotton tip and nail varnish remover for any mistakes...of which i made lots as it was 2am when i was doing this.

First you want to start with a good clean and buffed base nail. Then coat with a thick layer of black, or like i've used a blue-black from Barry M. It's not got a name, it's quite an old; 292/747. Let that dry. Make sure it is bone dry too.

Then using a sponge, (preferably small make-up application sponges) dab on a deep blue, the one i used i Barry M in Cobolt Blue. Over that is more random layers of a deep purple, mine here is from Avon and has a bit of glitter through it, this shade is purple passion. Then layer again with an even lighter blue, for this it's Barry M again in Cyan Blue.

Let those two layers dry, then using a sponge still we're going to add random layers of lighter areas, not too thick, just really go with the flow and add what you feel is right. Both of my lighter colours are Barry M, (can you tell i like Barry M yet) in Berry l/c and Blue Moon. Let those dry too.

Next using a toothpick or a thin brush add random dots (stars) with a white or as I've used my Stargazer chrome varnish. Let them dry too then add a top layer of the clear glitter; mine is Barry M 'Diamond glitter'. Let that dry then finally add your clear top coat. You don't have to do this layer but i'd recommend it as the larger chunks of glitter in the other layer can easily get caught on clothing etc and chip off so it means it's longer lasting if you put on this top layer.

It is really all about you though, and being creative I will probebly do this a few times before i get it perfect. But i do love the end result. I'm pretty sure you won't have to limit yourself to those basic colours either. So long as the colours don't clash you can just pick a deep base and 4/5 lighter colours to layer on top and you'll create the same effect. So have fun!
Thanks for reading! XxX

Thursday, 14 November 2013

New TK Maxx is lethal...in a good way.

So, we have a new TK Maxx store here where i live, its actually so popular at the moment that on Saturdays and Sundays the entrance to the trading estate where its opened, there are usually traffic jams that cause back ups right into town and up the bypass too. So it's insanely popular; that pretty much coveres it.

When i was studying at university i used to visit TK Max in Cardiff which was awesome. I got some pretty epic items in there over the years. I'd also travel down to see my other half so i'd also hit the TK Maxx in Bournemouth, that one was not so great. I really think it's hit and miss with some of their stores. I used to hate the Bournemouth one as i could never find my size, it was messy and usually had prices missing. Where as in comparison the Cardiff store was elite, which, for now, is where the Yeovil store falls.

They have amazing staff, i was served by the same lady two days in a row (i was in there with the husband, then with mother) and this lady- I think she was called Helen- she was amazing. Such a laugh, really kept you entertained while she served you. Amazing customers service. Also obviously the store is all new and shiney and clean, smells nice, looks awesome, has loads and loads of stuff. All of which is labeled and in correct size order! (Not sure how long that will last over Christmas)

So, on to what i bought. First off was this amazing, sheer black shirt. It's quite long, which i love as it covers a multitude of sins, its so comfortable. From a dutch company called Micha. Designer, but obviously had a factory defect so was reduced. Originally £75.00 i bought it from TK Maxx for £14.99.

The only real defect i could find was with the gems around the collar there is one that is slightly out of line, if that's the only reason this was reduced then i can live with that!

Next is this amazing cosey jumper. Quite a chunky knit. But it's super-long and warm, and has this really cute open back detail with a little bow. I absolutely love it. Literally wearing it with everything at the moment, and that was only £15.

I'm definitely a fan to say the least. The Yeovil store is awesome. As a size 16, you do have to be careful of some items as they're designer they're not always true to size. I'd definitely recommend trying stuff on if your unsure or if it has no stretch at all. There are a pair of black velvet Rocket Dog boots i really wanted. I'm usually a size 5 but i tried them on, they're slip-on's with elastic down the side, kind of a Chelsea boot style but heeled platforms, amazing- anyway i tried on a 5 and they were far too narrow, even with the elastic, so i tried on a 6, and they were really easy to put on but a bit too big, i could probably get insoles but they were £35.00 and not really comfy enough to justify having to adjust them to wear them. I think perhaps they were so cheap because of the size differences from the true size.
Thanks for reading lovelies! XxX

Monday, 11 November 2013

New Look OOTD and job update (or lack of)

First things first, to get the negative out of the way, I now do not work at Primark...well technically I never did. It was my induction day today but due to my lovely Anxiety, I had a panic attack, freaked out and didn't go, although I've decided this is an improvement on previous attempts to get back into work where I never even turned up for interviews before. So i'm pleased i'm taking something positive away from all of this.

Moving forward to my outfit of the day! As I ended up mooching around town I obviously couldn't resist a bit of New Look, I finally got my Jeffrey Campbell dupes I've wanted from there, £29.99 (very limited stock, even online). Lets face it right now it's the closest thing I'll ever get to a real pair.

So I wore those with a pair of thick tights' £2.99, and this little simple bias-cut cotton-feel dress, £17.99, in lovely dark autumnal coloured vintage-style roses. It's such a lovely little dress just to stick on when you can't find anything or you're having an "I feel fat" day, as it covers all lumps and bumps due to its bias-cut; but also it's something pretty enough that you could dress up and cinch in with a waist belt, and team with a nice cardigan. Or as I did today; I added this purple and silver knitted jumper- also from New Look. I bought this in the sale about a month ago for £7. It's an amazing rich plum colour. A bit longer at the back, with open knit along the front shoulder seams. Matches well with the dress. I LOVE this outfit right now. Simple yet pretty. :)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Beauty Therapy and I GOT A JOB :/

So, I started my level 2 beauty evening course this week. Needless to say I'm loving it. My Anxiety played up a little the day before and on the day but thanks to the lovely peeps on a facebook support group, some yoga breathing and some music, panic attacks were avoided.
I'm currently studying Wednesday and Thursday nights 6-9. We've already been practicing facials, thats the point at which all the blokes I know laugh! All the women on the course seem lovely, a couple are a bit shy and quiet, I thought I'd be like that but turns out I actually feel quite confident there as its a small group ans our teacher is really nice. Very practical orientated too, as I find it easier to learn things visually anyway.

Turns out I'm a natural. Didn't need too much pushing to just go for it and I'm really proud of myself.
My only real big gripe is with the college itself as I need a bursary for my uniform and kit. My course started on the 6th, apparently applications for bursarys closec on the 1st... so I was apparently somehow supposed to apply for it without knowing what I was actually applying for! Uuugh. So now I have to go back in next week once the admin lady has spoken to her manager to see what she can do. Only problem is I kinda need it within the next week or so and I start my trial at my job next week...

Oh yeah, did I mention I got the job at Primark! I'm not sure how my anxiety or depression will fare but I'm goingbto give it a try. Its only a temporary job anyway for Christmas, so worst comes to the worst I can always leave if I can't get on with juggling that and college yet.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Etsy haul, Khaleesi necklace and general geekery.

Woo woo woo! (Sorry, too much WWE)

Today, finally, after days of waiting...that's right I waited days! FINALLY my little etsy haul has all arrived. Now I don't have a lot of money flopping about at the moment so these items I'm about to porn all over you only cost me a grand total of just under £20.00.

First up and ultimately my favorite out of the three is this beautiful silver and resin dragon tooth necklace, Khaleesi inspired may I add. It can be worn any number of ways as it's just this really long silver chain with the two claws, not quite as big as Khaleesi's may I add, but definitely good enough for day to day nerding.

I have literally been wearing it every day since I got it. It was only £12.90 from an etsy shop called BijouxMalou

Next are two simple little waxed cotton bracelet from another etsy store called: LunaDesigns101

I bought another geeky item, this time Skyrim related. It represents the Nightingales, which is a large part of the main Theive's Guild Quest in Riften. It's one of my favorite quests and when i saw this for only £4.00 I knew I had to have it. It also comes on this awesome little card that includes a quote from the game, referencing the item.

She has literally loads of other geeky bracelets like this, film and game related so if you're into that kind of thing definitely give her a look!

My other item from the same shop is another bracelet, this one is just a really simple little heart on a red cord. So pretty. Ideal for valentines day may I add...and only £3.00!

Highly recommend you check out those lovely ladies and their stores! I too have a shop on there for small handmade crafty items. Not a lot on there at the moment but for future reference it's here

Thanks for reading! XxX

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Golddigga shoes, chav brands, and I realise I'm totally over-opinionated.

Let me get this little rant out of the way; I'm pretty much just generalizing and being an over-opinionated douche, so don't have a go at me! But Golddigga as a brand is something I usually associate with the british phoniminon of "chav's". Not to say that anyone and everyone who wears the brand are chav's but when I see the trademark chav's about town they're covered head to toe in brands like Golddigga, Superdry, Timberland, Burrberry, Addidas, Rebock, Tapout... and not necissarily the genuine brands, mostly knock offs, which annoys me in itself as not only are the brands being ripped off but then associated with chav's and that teamed with weighty cheap looking jewelery, socks over jeans and baseball caps means when it comes to the average person wanting to buy these brands you instantly feel guilty at being associated with them. Saying that, Golddigga make some of the comfiest, craziest yet amazing shoes ever. I've found I'm buying more and more of them, especially from dare I admit it...sports direct, where they are super cheap as they're all always on sale. Like I said earlier, what annoys me is that I now feel like a chav as i'm shopping in Sports Direct for Chav brands...and I'm labeling not only myself but everyone else too and I'm usually the first person to moan about labels.... arrrgh!!! Anywho first up is my most recent pair of Doc Marten like ankle boots, they're bright freakin' awesome pink, with little love-heart eyelets... so cute...need a bit of wearing in and squeak where the tongue rubs against the outer edge, I may have to Vaseline them up
Then my second pair of ankle boots are this awesome black denim, printed with vintage flowers.
And third, these ankle boots with cute little characters all over them, and little houses, so cute...
Also by Goldigga are these lil' lace up flats. Kind of a soft sorbet yellow with beautiful dainty flowers all over. Not much grip, and definitely need wearing-in before you can wear them all day but they're lovely.
I'll do some style posts soon with these shoes. Thanks for reading! :)