Saturday, 25 February 2017


I'm only like...two months late to the party. Yet again life and all of it's little (and not so little) issues has got in the way of my regular blogging!

But a quick update. I'm still Ginger. I have a new job and I was given the all clear for my suspected melanoma on my foot! It actually took quite a long time to get the all clear confirmation, considering my op was November 3rd, I received the latter on new years eve, which frankly I was really happy about! Who wouldn't want to start the new year with a clean slate! 

Anyway, I now have a new full time, salary paid job at a well known beauty and hair distributor...that't NOT Sally's, and I freaking love it! 

Also in other exciting quick update news, i'm finally having my fertility issues addressed, (i'll do a separate post about that) I'm getting a new tattoo in a couple of days so i'll finally be able to updtate my tattoo blog. and The Man and I are talking about doing a vow renewal! But as more of like a wiccan/pagan/'viking esq hand fastening ceremony. I have no idea when, and Secretly I am kind of hoping he'll re-propose first. But this year will be the ideal year to do it as it's our 10 year anniversary of meeting, and our 5 year wedding anniversary. 

So exciting things to come. I'll do an updated post about my hair and products I've been converted to aswell, if you haven't already head over to my Instagram @sway_moonchild 

Love and Light. xoxo