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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Barry M-adness

I'm coming to the realisation that i am beyond help when it comes to Barry M nail varnish. It just seems to be my go-to brand for all of my nail needs. I literally have about 30 different shades now. They're long lasting, vibrant, usually one coat and the veriety they have is amazing. If there's a new nail trend the Barry M team probelby have Multiple shades of it already, like right now... Matte effect nails.

There are various tutorial videos about creating a matte finish with just normal glossy varnish at home but this usually involves steam, and the water vapor can thin out the varnish which means it'll chip off easily. So this Matte effect nail varnish is amazing. I'm in love with it anyway.

Here i used Barry M Matte Nail Polish in 'Vanilla', goes on easily, one coat, drys quick, and added bonus is if you do smudge it while it's still damp you can dab it back into place gently with your finger and it'll kind of just blend right back in to how it was. As you can see on my ring finger i've added a layer of Barry M Glitter Polish in 'Diamond glitter', it's so sparkly!!! I'm like a Magpie when i shop so if its got glitter (and skulls) i'm usually hovering around it.

The're reasonably priced too, usually around £3, give or take, and at the moment in Superdrug they have a 3 for 2 offer on all of their make up products and this is included! Plus with your Superdrug points card you get more points to go towards your next purchase- actually i really like their points card system as you literally just go in and get them to scan it with your items and they'll tell you; you have £2 on your card do you want to use it on your purchase today? And you get unexpected money off, which is always a bonus in my book!

Thanks for reading! XxX

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