Sunday, 10 August 2014

June/July Faves, what I've been up to, why i've been quiet and HOW MANY VIEWS?!

In simple terms...there have been a lot of issues.
The End.

...But please read on for more!

Smells amazing!
After many job/money issues my partner and I are now moving at the end of the month and downsizing, to a much nicer and may i add Warmer house! Right next to a beautiful park with a river, and when i say next to, i mean literally i can hop over the wall and i'll be in the park! Whoop! so i've been busy packing this month- (as in august) so nothing really interesting to report. BUT, June and July were pretty darn good months! Although we were having to be frugal with spending i did hit up a few charity shops (thrift shops) and found a couple of awesome finds!

 I also found this awesome quilted folder, seems to be hand made, or hand-repaired. Its so soft and looks amazing. I love this kind of "weathered" vintage look to things. Its just larger than A4 Size so i've been using it to keep my sketch book in.

 Other things i've done the past few months, i've been focusing mainly on beauty or haul related blog posts, and this seems to be what all you guys love! I've had OVER 2000 views on my blog now! Which is INSANE for a small town girl like me, but not only that my Google+ page has been viewed so many times i'm literally blown away! Over 33,000! i tell no lies!

I've been catching up with Supernatural, seems as they are on season 10 now i thought i'd best get up to date! I've been slacking! And in true fan-girl terms this means I've power-watched through from season 1 to 5 in a matter of weeks (around work and packing). and i have also re-discovered my 9 year long obsession with that damn Impala! OMNOMNOM

Also for my sins i discovered the American section in Tesco where i live, i now have an possible incurable addiction to Peanut butter Oreo's.

Sorry things have been so boring! As i said i am moving the end of this month and once i am all moved in i will hopefully begin my Vlog! whoop! especially with my nice shiny  new surroundings! Plus MY BIRTHDAY is the end of the month too so hopefully if I've been good enough i'll have a birthday haul to show you guys too!

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