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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Etsy haul, Khaleesi necklace and general geekery.

Woo woo woo! (Sorry, too much WWE)

Today, finally, after days of waiting...that's right I waited days! FINALLY my little etsy haul has all arrived. Now I don't have a lot of money flopping about at the moment so these items I'm about to porn all over you only cost me a grand total of just under £20.00.

First up and ultimately my favorite out of the three is this beautiful silver and resin dragon tooth necklace, Khaleesi inspired may I add. It can be worn any number of ways as it's just this really long silver chain with the two claws, not quite as big as Khaleesi's may I add, but definitely good enough for day to day nerding.

I have literally been wearing it every day since I got it. It was only £12.90 from an etsy shop called BijouxMalou

Next are two simple little waxed cotton bracelet from another etsy store called: LunaDesigns101

I bought another geeky item, this time Skyrim related. It represents the Nightingales, which is a large part of the main Theive's Guild Quest in Riften. It's one of my favorite quests and when i saw this for only £4.00 I knew I had to have it. It also comes on this awesome little card that includes a quote from the game, referencing the item.

She has literally loads of other geeky bracelets like this, film and game related so if you're into that kind of thing definitely give her a look!

My other item from the same shop is another bracelet, this one is just a really simple little heart on a red cord. So pretty. Ideal for valentines day may I add...and only £3.00!

Highly recommend you check out those lovely ladies and their stores! I too have a shop on there for small handmade crafty items. Not a lot on there at the moment but for future reference it's here

Thanks for reading! XxX

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