Monday, 15 December 2014

Poisoned Apple Bags Review and Q&A

I finally got to ask the lovely lady behind Poisoned Apple Bags,
some of the questions you asked via my instagram and twitter! Also i got my hands on one of her EPIC creations, which i have reviewed below after the q&a;

Q & A
#1 How long have you been into making your own items? And what were the original creations before bags?
  > I've always been a bit 'crafty'; making jewellery or a bit of cross stitch. Before i started making bags I made handmade candles and then developed into decoupaged shoes and bags. I was taking lessons from my mum into how to sew with a machine, and many, many tutorials on Youtube later I now make my bags :)

#2 What was the hardest thing for you, when you first decided to start up your own buisness?
  > Last year when i started with my shoes . It was a bit of an accident to start a business from doing something I liked to do. It was the same with my bags, I made some and people liked them... and boom! Almost a year later I'm establishing a little fanbase in my corner of the world.

#3 What are the key three things you'd go back and tell your younger, pre-bag making, self?
  > First thing would be just to try everything! Don't be afraid of anything. If you want to learn - learn! The second thing is to just enjoy everything and the minute you stop enjoying it - stop doing it. The 3rd and final thing would be just to be prepared for negativity. Unfortunately there are a lot of keyboard warriors out there- so develop a thick skin, keep your head up and just have faith- you'll be ok!

#4 What are your top tips for first-time bag makers, or people who want to get there own crafty buisness up and running?
  > My top tip is just to keep trying things. If something doesn't work, try something different. Watch tutorials, read some books - there are some fab free patterns out there too so give it a go! Social media plays a big part in a business these days so get out there!

#5 What inspires you and your bags?
> I take inspiration from everywhere really. Fabrics of all colours and patterns.

#6 Why did you choose the brand name "poisoned apple"?
> Poisoned Apple was inspired by Disney. I am obsessed with the Disney movies and especially love the villains so when thinking of a brand this did stick out to me :) Its fun with a darker edge which i think matches my style :)

#7 Where can we find you- any up coming events and website links?
> I'm slowly winding down for 2014 now but you can always order from my website HERE or find me on twitter @poisonedapple14 - look out for next years events soon!


 There was one word i kept repeating when i got my amazing bag in the post; Unique. Every bag from this store is! And usually featuring belovid characters or villans from tv and film.
 I was literally over the moon when i opened my box, it was wrapped beautifully, with personalised 'Poisoned Apple' Ribbon, all colour co-ordinated wrapping too! It's definetly the little details that add to these items.
My bag was featuring Malificent... which that in itself had me hooked, but not only does it feature one of the best Disney Villans, it also has plenty of beautiful embelishments and ribbon, a detachable shoulder chain, and its fully lined and feels sterdy enough to handle all your bits and pieces when you're out and about. And because it's such a unique item it definetly stands out in the crowd, and anyone in that crowd with a gd-ye will immediatly seek you out and compliment you endlessly! (Trust me i know first-hand).
I had one of the smaller ones and still managed to fit my phone, purse, keys and a few make-up essentials in it for my staff Christmas Meal. It's ideal and i genuinely cannot fault it. It's practical and stunning to look at and is made to a high quality standard. Im thorougly impressed!