Thursday, 17 December 2015

Hair Update (again) JUST LEAVE IT ALONE

I swear, my hair has been so good to me the past two years. I've been Black, ginger, blonde, white, pink, lilac, red, blonde again, brown, dark brown, red, purple, purple and green ombre, then ginger (with green tinge) then finally submitting that i'd have to go more red to get rid of the tinge. Well its gone. FINALLY and i still have all of my hair. I'm very fortunate that my hair has taken this abuse where most others' would have broken, snapped and fallen out around the blonde/white era, but i am now beginning to see affects...let me explain...
I am now finally near my 3 year long goal of "fire hair" (taking inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers Lua P, and her blog "Le Happy"...i have had photos of this woman's hair saved on my computer and phone for years. Originally i cut off my long locks and stripped the black out of my hair two years ago with the mindset to grow it back out in a lighter colour so that when it was long again i could fire it up. (literally) 

But as my hair got so light i figured i'd play around with the pastels etc while i could. i had it cut back into a pixie cut a few times so i could minimize damage...etc... so recently as its now shoulder length again i decided to dye it that epic fire colour I've always wanted. but i've now seen so many people with that colour i though rather than copy i'd do like my own version. So my Hair is now this EPIC red mix my sister mixed for me using Wella Colour touch.
The colours used are 66/46 and 77/44 with a 5/0 toner mixed in with the roots colour to stop them from going too red. Then she's put hilights though my hair using a 20vol peroxide to get maximum lift without my hair giving up and running away....turns out the only thing running away is my blooming colour. The Wella colour touch is fantastic. I cannot fault it at all, but because the end 3'' or so of my hair have been bleached so much, what with being white, then ombred etc... now it seems no dye EVER will stick to it. I'm aware the wella colours are only temporary, which is deliberate as my hair is so damaged i wanted to use something less harsh and more conditioning. So i realize the colour will wash out and fade...but the ends of my hair lose colour in the blink of an eye. But looking at it from a positive point of view at least its kind of ombreing itself..?! haha so hopefully before Christmas or just after im just going to get it ombred properly then i'll FINALLY after all this time be the colour i've idolized for so long. then all i have to do is occasional root-regrowth but LEAVE IT ALONE. hahah so lets see how well that works out.