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Monday, 14 March 2016

Mini Lush Haul


I've had a love affair with lush for well over 10 years now. Their stuff just gets better and better, but i do find i prefer visiting their smaller branches as their staff are easier to communicate with, and i find it easier to explain that although they're trained to talk to customers and make them feel welcome and explain products, it sets off my Anxiety and makes me want to leave. Obviously not their fault, but does mean i dont really go into larger or busier stores which means when i do get to go into my nearest store (over an hour away) i feel like a little kid at Christmas. 
As you can see i didn't get much, but i got what i wanted. I think you'll be able to tell there's a "sweet" theme too...haha...get it...no...? ...anyway.... 

Cast in order of apperance:
One of my all time favorite scents, in a small pocket of moisturisng goodness. 

Yet more sweet candy scented goodness. If you love all their snowfairy range you need this soap in your life to get you through the harsh summer months.

Bath bomb, snow fairy scented, full of candy flowers...makes you feel like a candy princess...do you need more!?

Unicorn Horn £2.95
I cant link this, because the mythical being it is, it's no longer on their website. Looks like i got one just in time. My first ever Unicorn horn, and i have to say it's not as sweet as i'd hoped or expected but i still love the scent and how soft it makes my skin feel. 


Friday, 11 March 2016

I Made a Thing!

I made my first Youtube video in years on my new channel.

Not going to lie. Could be better, and my extreme lack of a microphone and good lighting at the end really shows but its all things i'll be working on to make better now i'm up on a new channel again.
Whoop! On the plus side. Its good practice, great confidence boosting again. And given how much has changed for me over the past few years i can now set up in my salon, film tutorials and you can come with me on my new chapter of my weight loss journey!