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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Golddigga shoes, chav brands, and I realise I'm totally over-opinionated.

Let me get this little rant out of the way; I'm pretty much just generalizing and being an over-opinionated douche, so don't have a go at me! But Golddigga as a brand is something I usually associate with the british phoniminon of "chav's". Not to say that anyone and everyone who wears the brand are chav's but when I see the trademark chav's about town they're covered head to toe in brands like Golddigga, Superdry, Timberland, Burrberry, Addidas, Rebock, Tapout... and not necissarily the genuine brands, mostly knock offs, which annoys me in itself as not only are the brands being ripped off but then associated with chav's and that teamed with weighty cheap looking jewelery, socks over jeans and baseball caps means when it comes to the average person wanting to buy these brands you instantly feel guilty at being associated with them. Saying that, Golddigga make some of the comfiest, craziest yet amazing shoes ever. I've found I'm buying more and more of them, especially from dare I admit it...sports direct, where they are super cheap as they're all always on sale. Like I said earlier, what annoys me is that I now feel like a chav as i'm shopping in Sports Direct for Chav brands...and I'm labeling not only myself but everyone else too and I'm usually the first person to moan about labels.... arrrgh!!! Anywho first up is my most recent pair of Doc Marten like ankle boots, they're bright freakin' awesome pink, with little love-heart eyelets... so cute...need a bit of wearing in and squeak where the tongue rubs against the outer edge, I may have to Vaseline them up
Then my second pair of ankle boots are this awesome black denim, printed with vintage flowers.
And third, these ankle boots with cute little characters all over them, and little houses, so cute...
Also by Goldigga are these lil' lace up flats. Kind of a soft sorbet yellow with beautiful dainty flowers all over. Not much grip, and definitely need wearing-in before you can wear them all day but they're lovely.
I'll do some style posts soon with these shoes. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. The black floral ones are really nice! where did you buy them?

    1. They were a birthday present from my sister but she bought them from Sports Direct.

      Copy and paste that link, it should take you straight to them. They're in the sale. £18. I dont think these are exactly the same as mine but its the closes that i can find for you. Or you can search Golddigga floral boots on ebay. Hope this helps!