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Friday, 15 November 2013

DIY Galaxy Nails

I had this idea after browsing for about an hour through shop Dixi and on Black milk Clothing, and quietly crying to myself that i have no money for pretty things before Christmas now. You will need: Several colours of nail varnish, including a dark (base) either black or deep blue/purple. Lighter blues and purples, really pale blue nail varnish, silver/chrome effect nail varnish or clear glitter. And obviously a base coat. Small sponges, or a cut-up make-up sponge, some tooth-picks or a very fine brush, a cotton tip and nail varnish remover for any mistakes...of which i made lots as it was 2am when i was doing this.

First you want to start with a good clean and buffed base nail. Then coat with a thick layer of black, or like i've used a blue-black from Barry M. It's not got a name, it's quite an old; 292/747. Let that dry. Make sure it is bone dry too.

Then using a sponge, (preferably small make-up application sponges) dab on a deep blue, the one i used i Barry M in Cobolt Blue. Over that is more random layers of a deep purple, mine here is from Avon and has a bit of glitter through it, this shade is purple passion. Then layer again with an even lighter blue, for this it's Barry M again in Cyan Blue.

Let those two layers dry, then using a sponge still we're going to add random layers of lighter areas, not too thick, just really go with the flow and add what you feel is right. Both of my lighter colours are Barry M, (can you tell i like Barry M yet) in Berry l/c and Blue Moon. Let those dry too.

Next using a toothpick or a thin brush add random dots (stars) with a white or as I've used my Stargazer chrome varnish. Let them dry too then add a top layer of the clear glitter; mine is Barry M 'Diamond glitter'. Let that dry then finally add your clear top coat. You don't have to do this layer but i'd recommend it as the larger chunks of glitter in the other layer can easily get caught on clothing etc and chip off so it means it's longer lasting if you put on this top layer.

It is really all about you though, and being creative I will probebly do this a few times before i get it perfect. But i do love the end result. I'm pretty sure you won't have to limit yourself to those basic colours either. So long as the colours don't clash you can just pick a deep base and 4/5 lighter colours to layer on top and you'll create the same effect. So have fun!
Thanks for reading! XxX

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