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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Technology; Samsung Galaxy Tab ii, 10.1"

I'm loving this right now! It's second hand from Entertainment Exchange or CEX as it's known on the high street. Everything from CEX comes with a years warranty, and its all tested before its sold. I was not a big fan of tablets when they first came out... didn't see the appeal, I was a strict mouse and keyboard junkie... but more recently my poor desktop has been gathering dust... the fact all summer I was outside and it was indoors... and now its winter and I don't want to be shut away in my office room upstairs, in the cold, away from the T.V, away from the tea making facilities, the PS3...and the husband.... I was initially going to get a laptop but still its quite bulky and with the issues I have with my back I didn't really want to be lugging a laptop around... so i sold my p.c, put some money towards bills and used the rest to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab2... 10" screen, as I still want it for blogging and my artwork the larger screen was a must.
Its fantastic! It does all the things I need it for plus I get to download all the android games for when I'm bored! Battery lasts a good while from what I can tell. Although I will say you do need a p.c for your e-reader or iPod so bare that in mind if you want a tablet. I'm lucky as the husband has a big shiney mean machine of a computer hooked up to the t.v for his gaming so I can nab that to charge and download stuff to my iPod and Kobo. The screens good quality, cameras not too shabby, although I am used to my H.D cameras now. Its pretty light, fits in nearly all my handbags, and there are some super cute cases for it on etsy. I am tempted to have a bash at making my own case. I know it's a few models behind and hasn't got the processing power of a nexus quad core processor but for my personal use its perfect. I can keep up with Helen Melonladys vid's, download stuff and watch Dexter on Netflix. :)

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