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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Beauty Brawl Day 6- Face Mask

Day 5- Face Mask

Yesterday's post was atrocious. I wasn't prepared, my computer was broken so I ended up just going with the original first draft. Today I will make up for it!

I was originally going to review one of the Sheet face masks from Beauty Pro but at the moment my eyes need more help than anything, so sticking with the same Brand I went with their Under Eye sheet masks instead. which I have linked you to Here. 

Product: 90
Packaging: 75
Price: 85

I love the whole range of Beauty Pro masks. But this by far is my favorite to date. Its £4.95 and you get three sets of eye treatments (3x2 eye pads) I usually slap them on in the evening while I'm in the bath but I decided today I'd put them to the real test on only 4 hours sleep eyes.

As you can see the before (left) and afters (right) are actually pretty good after only 15 min. as usual my Rosacea is on point, but it definitely makes a difference to the colour and size of the bags under my eyes. 
Would very highly recommend their other sheet face masks too. I have tried out the foaming one and the olive oil one and they are both excellent too. 

Love and Light. xoxo

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