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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Beauty Brawl 2017

If you've followed me for a while now you know I let life get in the way of my blog. And for that I will not apologize as i'd rather live a life...but I will make it up to you guys whenever I can! So as a peace offering I am very happy to announce I am taking part in the Bloggers Beauty Brawl for summer 2017!!!

I loved doing this back in December and I am excited to be doing it all over again with new products and honest reviews for this summer.

Our shopping list this time is:

Day 1) Liquid Lipstick

Day 2) Brow Product

Day 3) Eyeliner

Day 4) Make up Remover

Day 5) Nail Varnish

Day 6) Face mask

Day 7) Primer

Day 8) False Eyelashes

Day 9) Hand Cream

Day 10) Bronzer

I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone with some of these items this time around, but none the less I am always willing to try something new!

(Update) This post is later than planned due to unexpected technical issues, Original post dated (20/05/2017)

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