Friday, 9 June 2017

Beauty Brawl Day 5- Nail Varnish/ lacquer

Day 5- Nail Varnish/ Lacquer

This usually would be completely my jam. But my nails are nothing to be desired right now on my hands and my toots...well they aren't getting a look in for a few weeks at least. So my lovely vast collection of OPI nail lacquer is going unused, unloved and mourned right now. But in the grand scheme of is only claw colour. Regardless, and with help from my job and skills as a beauty therapist. I'm here to highly recommend the "My Gecko Does Tricks" Pearl Finish Lacquer by OPI
It is usually around £6 from any good stockist and while I am an avid OPI lover, this colour was released last year (?) and is still a firm favorite and re-purchase for me and clients. And the Peal finish just adds to the shine. 
Product: 80
Packaging: 60
Price: 80

OPI are a staple brand for any nail and beauty enthusiast. People may say they are over-priced but this price is warranted when you see the difference between an OPI product and an off the shelf colour, especially in comparison to longevity, brightness and thickness of product. OPI is a two cote product, at most. If you use their own brand Base and top coat too these colours easily last up to two weeks even for a hands on working environment. 
My only criticisms are that OPI discontinue colour a lot, leaving you to have to colour match or wait until the re-name it and release it as something else. They bottles sit well in your hand when your painting a client but trying to do your own nails is near on impossible without putting the bottle down on a non-slip surface, and the lid can be slippery and difficult, especially if you have smaller than average hands.  

Love and Light xoxo

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