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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Beauty Brawl Day 3- Eyeliner

Day 3- Eyeliner

Gather around friends and companions, I have a sad tale to tell...it is the epic tale of HOW MY EYELIDS DON'T LIKE ANY EYELINER.

Whew...anyway. I have highly sensitive skin, it goes red if the temperature changes even slightly, part and parcel of Rosacea and sensitive skin. I'm fortunate in that over the past few years I have gained a lot of control over my skin, and now my main issue is just the redness and not really spots or veins etc...but, because I don't want to aggravate the skin Gods when my skin does play up against a new product I let my skin win it's little tantrum, for an easy life. So I DID buy a lovely liquid eyeliner to review today, but instead I am going back to an old faithful that I never have any issues with. I'm breaking the brawl rules slightly but when needs must...

Product: 80
Price: 95
Packaging: 60

My lovely old faithful is still not perfect. My issue with the product itself is it runs out so quickly. I do eyeliner nearly every single day. Other eyeliners I've used similar to this have lasted a good couple of moths...this is usually a monthly purchase for me. But considering it's only £3.50, even tightly budgeted months I can actually afford to get this product. 
When i'm doing special event make up on clients I always use high end products, usually Jane Iredale, Lush etc...but this eyeliner is always one I come back to for clients too. I even end up getting them hooked on this item too. 
The packaging is ideal for keeping in your handbag, a clutch or even a pocket. So you can literally top it up any time. It's super easy to use, even if you're not very skilled at the cat eye look. My only advice and stipulation would be to not use it for your lower lid. It's far too harsh and hard to blend out. Overall a great and inexpensive product.

Love and light. xoxo

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