Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Beauty Brawl 2017 Day 1- Liquid lipstick

Day 1- Liquid lipstick

Not going to lie, I'm not a fan of liquid lipsticks. I'm an artist, make up artist and illustration, I like to be creative, wild and make a mess. Liquid lipsticks are harsh and unforgiving. They require you to be precised in a way only a surgeon can be... and then there's usually me plastering it on like a reject from a Miranda Sings lookalike competition. 

I went with an old faithful brand and chose Make up Revolution's Salvation Liquid Lipstick in "Velvet rose" , I also teamed it up with one of my favorite and a bit more pricier lip liners by Jane Iredale also in the shade "Rose" 

This is pretty much the only photo of me wearing this lipstick where it isnt smeared half way across my face or on my teeth.

Product: 40
Packaging:  70
Price:   90

All marked out of 100, as you can probably tell I wasn't too impressed. It took ages to dry and go matte, it dried my lips out and stained them really bad until the following day, and despite the fact it was stained it didn't actually stay on my lips very well, in fact the lip liner stayed on my lips a lot longer. The packaging is swanky and makes it look a bit more high end then it is, it feels nice to put on, although given how precised you have to be it's a bit tricky to get the hang of even for a pro. The best part about it was the price as it was only £3.00, which is insane. 

I've tried their darker liquid lipsticks and they all seem to be amazing in spite of my hatred of liquid lipsticks, I may just have had a dud, or because it is a lighter colour it doesn't perform the same as the others, or am I just making excuses. Regardless, only impressive thing was the price!
Love and Light. XoXo

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