Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Beauty Brawl Day 4- Make up Remover

Day 4- Make up Remover

I feel as though I am able to take advantage of my job here when it comes to stuff like this. I work full time at a professional only, hair and beauty suppliers and I love my job, and therefore also love some of the products I get to try and sell. Although because some of these are trade only, it is harder to find legitimate people who sell these products other than from the wholesalers or from the supplier themselves, therefore I will only be linking you to their official website and reviewing the price based on what I paid for it personally rather than what it would be to the common consumer.
I chose to use something a bit different and switch up my make up removing routine in the evenings. I use Kaeso Beauty Products on my clients, love the smell and how make up always seems to glide on after a treatment so I thought i'd give their Hydrating range a try as summer is here (questionable) and my skin plus my skin issues means it can be a bit over the top to how it reacts to different and new products and this seemed to be the one that is most gentle out of all their ranges. 

Product: 89
Packaging: 90
Price: 60

This product smells beautiful and light, The cleanser is Aloe Vera and Cotton, which just smells so fresh on your skin as you're wiping away the days rubbish. I know this is technically all about the cleanser, but what use would my dermatology training be if I didn't bang on about the full proper routine. I got these items as a set, including an exfoliator and mask for under £20, they aren't featured as they aren't designed for daily use on skin, but these three are the trio of dreams. They come in a pretty non-descript box but the products packaging themselves are neat, sleek and professional looking. The pumps are robust and pretty hard to break (I drop them all the time) and the price for all 3 of them at retail cost of about £35 is actually really amazing for what you are getting. I just marked it lower as its hard to get your hands on unless you're connected. 
This is definitely a new favorite, although I am looking into trying their calming range next. I'll see which one I prefer and probably stick to them for a while. 
Love and Light xoxo

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