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Monday, 6 January 2014

White hair up-keep. (Especially for naturally dark hair) Bleach bath. Also BLEACH London White toner review AND the Rosé answer= did it wash out!?

Bleach is bad for you children! But it's the only real way to get the desired white blonde hair i've wanted, and it's the only way to banish your roots too! It's really hard to know what to do when it comes to banishing roots, as i usually would like to leave it as long as possible between bleaches so i don't scare all my hair away but also it's well known that bleach works best closest to the scalp so the shorter the root growth the better the Bleach will take, therefore meaning less time it will have to be on for. I guess it just all depends on YOUR hair. You are the only one who knows if your hair can take a 20 min strong bleach or a 40 min weaker bleach session.
As for my hair, it can handle most things i throw at it so long as i treat it nicely for a month or so after. White blonde hair is expensive to keep... unless you have trained hairdresser in the family!
Recently to avoid bleaching i've been using an at home hair dye kit, it obvously has chemicals and peroxide etc but not quite as strong as salon-grade bleach.

So this is what i was using, It is L'óreal's Prefrence, Blondissims range in Extream Platinum. Usually around £6.99, It boasts an anti-yellow technology but i was using it on my dark hair re-growth so it was yellow. You do have to leave it on quite a long time but it smells nice, and with the oils and the conditioner after it leaves your hair feeling lovely.

If you follow my blog/facebook/instagram, you'll know i recently reviewd BLEACH london's Rosé Semi-permanent hair dye. It was lush! I've never had so may compliments with a hair colour. Hair was left soft and amazing after. And if you have short hair the bottle goes a long way. It's essentially a conditioning treatment, theres no mixing involved...amazing...anyway. It say's on the bottle 2-10 washes, (which i moaned about in my bleach london post) In answer to that question... it is 2-whatever washes. I'm not sure if it was because i had super-light hair or what but in some areas it pretty much washed straigth out and in others it stayed put like my nan when she gets good seats on the bus.... So i had to resort to bleach bathing my hair along with a full roots bleach too.

So for my roots we (my in-the-family hairdresser) applied Jerrome Russel B Blonde Maximum lift bleach, this is a blue powder based bleach, which is ideal as he blue will illiminate any yellow/red tones in your hair. This was with a 9% peroxide, both of which are available from most supermarkets or beauty chain stores. I prefer this brand for at home as is literally one saché of bleach powder to one bottle of peroxide.

The bleach powder has 6 saché's in, it's usualy around £6 and the peroxide individual one shot bottles are available in 6%, 9% and 12% strength and are usually around £1.50 each.

After the roots had been on around 20min, we applied an all over bleach bath to try and lift the rest of the pink. Bleach bath is essentially your usual bleach mix, and a plain white shampoo in equal amounts. (1:1 bleach shampoo) and yes it has to have peroxide in the bleach mix! There are so many video's where they just mix powder and then shampoo and wonder why it didn't work or went orange!
The bleach bath was left on for the last 10 min the roots were left on too, then we washed it off and shampooed, NO CONDITIONER at this poin although my hair was really needing it... Then we added the BLEACH London White toner!

The toner only had to be on for 15-20 min, then you wash-out and apply an all over hair mask, and leave that on for 15 min under a warm towel, which was strangely nice may i add...

Once the toner was washed out the custard roots were banished for another 10 weeks or so adn i was back to my normal(ish) self! So this is the routeine i go through roughly every 10-14 weeks.

Key points:
*Stick to a blue based powder bleach
*use as low % a peroxide as you can get away with
*bleach works better and quicker if its warm
*always use a toner and silver shampoo and conditioner
*Treat your hair with some respect! After bleaching, aviod heat for a few days, let it get naturally oily, lots of conditioning treatments and masks.
*don't over-bleach. If in doubt...DONT DO IT!!! (Or do a test patch)

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