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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Perfume Favorites.

I only realised the other day, after watching one of Leanne Lim-Walkers Amazing hauls and seeing her 'scent', that I always say (when asked) that i don't have a "smell", i.e. a perfume that others will smell and think of me... But actually I do, and really it's a few; 90% of the time i use Very Irresistabe by Givenchy. It's a perfume I first saw advertised when I was in 6th Form (a-levels/college) , and the face of the perfume was Liv Tyler, my (at the time) idol. She was a cute but sexy girl-next door she-elf...and I wanted to be her, even if it was more like a chocolate enthusiast version!

It was, and still is, quite expensive at around £35-£60 a bottle depending on size. I recently bought it in a gift set with some moisturiser too for £35.50 with my christmas money, it really is something I can safely say I see as a luxury item for myself as I usually only get it for special occasions as a present, as it is so expensive. I also realised, when I was 17 I was wearing this as my EVERYDAY perfume! And thats crazy! Not only is it a designer name but it's pricey and smelling it now; it was far too mature for me back then. It has a wonderful warm, almost spiced floral smell, it is stunning.

Other Perfumes i've had include Christina Aguilera's by Day and by Night. Both of which are amazing! They don't seem to last as long though, but also arent as pricey at around £20 a bottle. Personally the best out of the two is the By Night, it smells of cherrys... almost edible. But I have run out of that one. So at the moment i dont have a daily one.

link; HERE

Although... i do have 'Noir' from Ann Summers, it's a werid smell to explain, it contains feremones so you're more attractive apparently...or sensual. Personally I'm not convinced... although it does have a special something as it does smell different on every single person i've seen try it! That is about £15 from Either Ann Summers store, online or via a rep. It's actualy on sale for £10 online now link; HERE
I don't think it's suitable for every day use. But i'd reccomend you at least try it!

So i'm in the market for a new every-day perfume...any suggestions? Also what is YOUR scent?
I think day-to day i'll just be smothering myself in coconut body oil!

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