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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

PRIMARK sale haul!

I was bad! So very very bad. I frequented Primarche and purchased a vast array of clothing items... which i didnt really need, but totally wanted.

First up is this EXTREMELY soft fleecy lined spotted panda hood-thing. I'm not sure what it is really, it's nightware, but it's a dress not a onesie, its knee length and has pockets. It's literally so warm i'm wearing it right now. That was in in the sale for £5!!!

Then we have a little Silver collar clip, or tips, with loads of little tiny crosses, really cute, literally just pin each edged to each side of your collar. That was 50p!

This silver necklace with gems and pink roses is really cute. I wanted when it first went on sale but every time i had any money i'd forget to go and get it. Finally go it and in the sale for £2!

This cream/off white chiffon shirt is extra long to cover my bum. Mainly what i want when i'm wearing leggings as we all know they can be a tad revealing around the buttox area!, its very sheer but super floaty and soft, i have a lot of crop tops and vests i can wear under it. And it as really cute little pearl button details too.£9

I bought these floral leggings to go with the floaty shirt, i'll probably also team them up with a few other floaty tops i have too. They were £3. They weren't in the sale section, and were still priced as £6 but they came up as £3 so who am i to argue!

EVERYONE should have something with a unicorn on at the moment. I don't care how "high fashion" you are, DO IT. And these slippers were only £2! Sooo cute!!! (The unicorn is saying i'm magic)

FINALLY i managed to get my hands on what i call a crap-Christmas jumper. Not because they're crap at all this one is actually really nicely made and fleece lined, so its stupidly soft and warm, i got it in a larger size, one because it was the ONLY one left and two because i like my jumpers to be a bit bigger so there's room. This was the last on the rail. Was marked as £8 but it came through as £5.

Then i got my hubbie one of these faux fur hats, with the ear flaps. He did get one for Christmas with a knitted Raindeer and star print on but its a little too small. As you can see this one is huge! It's really warm though. That was in the men's section for £8

This little simple knee length, stretchy black cami-dress was only £3 and not in then sale, they have loads in all different colours all at £3 each, a must have staple of anyone's wardrobe, you can layer with a top and wear it s a skirt, or wear it as a vest, or long vest with those pesky leggings, also great for summer just as a throw-it-on dress.

I found this red skirt on a sale rail for £3. It's actually really well made for a pencil skirt, has room in all the right places. And the black flock pattern is really slimming. They do have a red and emerald green version of this as a dress, not in the sale but its still a recommended buy. I personally didn't get the dress as it was sleeveless and im a little funny with ye olde bingo wings.

All in all a great haul. I put a brief video up of my items on my instagram, link HERE. So go and check that out and follow me there! Also my facebook page is finally up and running properly! This is where i'll be posting all my give-away's, competitions etc...so add me on the link HERE.
Thanks for reading! Also a big thanks to all my followers so far! :)

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