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Friday, 17 January 2014

Beatiful rings from Etsy!

So, yet again I have been on Etsy, which is leathal for me. Last time I went on the app I probably favorited 100+ items... and I feel NO SHAME, they're all amazing. I had a little Christmas money left so I decided to finally get myself a ring that I had been after for ages...and I ended up with two.

The shop is called HangingByAThread1 on Etsy, ownd by a lovely lady called Angie, based in Greenbay, Wisconsin, USA. She makes beautiful individual peices, some using upcycled materials, and i just fell in love with these two adjustable Rings.

The filigree Vintage style rings were £11.32(GBP) with around £5 Postage and packaging, the postage to the UK is super fast too! One ring has a Pink opal stone, which gives off this golden glow in the light, and the other is a Green Opal stone in an identical, filigree, vintage style setting.

I'm totally in love with them. I literally couldn't decide which one I wanted to wear first! This shop is highly reccommended, reasonably priced and even has a sale section! Totally ideal for gifts!

I think the next item i'll be buying from her is either The Fire Opal Necklace or the Green Opal. They're all so lush. It's a stunning shop.
Be sure to go and check her out!

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