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Monday, 6 January 2014

Balmi Lip Balm Review.

I think this was my accidental find of the year! I've been hunting around for a decent lip-balm all winter and i finally found one!!!
Balmi, link; HERE

The lip balm is around £5. But well worth it. I bought the coconut one and i used it twice and my dry lips were gone! Also because of the square, sturdy packaging (like with EOS lip products in the USA) it feels a lot better when you're applying it, there will be no snappages and because of the triangular mould of the inner balm itself its really easy to apply. It also has a handy key-ring attatchment so you can clip it onto your bag or purse so you know where it is at all times! Highly recommended!
Available in a veriaty of different flavours from BOOTS (uk)

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