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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 (Day 8)

Nearly at the end, and Day Seven brings the Foundation

I swap and change my foundations all the time. I am a really pale person and with changing hair colours and changing seasons i find every month or two im having to get a new different foundation. The one im reviewing today isnt my current daily one but it is one of the best ones i've used in a long time. Its a couple of shades too dark for me now were out of summer and i've achieved my full level of pale once again. 
It is the B. Youthful Anti aging Foundation from Superdrug. But looking for it just now i've just discovered Superdrug are no longer producing or selling it. AARGGGHHH


Product: 80
Packaging: 70
Price: -50

Its a brilliant product, made my skin feel amazing. Yes its anti-aging but you're supposed to use anti-aging products BEFORE you start aging, its easier to prevent than to reverse. 
Packaging, the actual glass itself is sturdy and not too heavy but the lid cracked within two days and the pump leaks in the lid. Price, well it was only £3 when i got it, which is amazing, BUT its no longer being produced and sold by Superdrug so arrgghhh!!!! 

Love and Light XxX

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