Friday 2 December 2016

Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 (Day 2)

Day Two of the beauty brawl and we are onto Eye shadow Palettes. 

I chose to go with my Make Up Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Palette. I bought it in a haul a couple of weeks ago and still haven't had a chance to actually use it. 

Overall it's a beautiful palette to look at. plenty of sparkles for the inner magpie, comes with an applicator but no mirror. 

Product: 48
Packaging:  39
Price:  91

Product wise, the colour pay off on my skin wasn't what i wanted it to be. It was quite dull, even with a white eye shadow primer, and packing the colour on made it look trampy. The colours are wonderful but very opaque. 
Packaging, it looks amazing through the top of the case, but other than that, there's no mirror, it's very thin plastic and the make up applicator just eats up product and doesnt deposit very well at all. 
Price, well you cant really grumble at all those colours for £4! 

I was really disappointed to be honest. It looks amazing but i guess on my skin just doesn't pay off. I will keep it but maybe in my professional kit and see if any of my clients want to try it out for looks etc. 

Love and Light XxX

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