Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 (Day 6)

Day Six and we are on Brow Products

This is where i fail at trying new things. I'm all up for trying out the new latest trending make up or beauty product but I've been using the same damn brow kit for over a year. Which is probably bad but it does have a 24 month life so I've still got a good few months on it yet so PIISHSHHH. 

Anyway. This was actually a product given to me as a present...and now as far as i can find is no longer available to buy. Sorry :/ But this is what I use to do my brows. 

Product: 99
Packaging: 60
Price: N/A

Product, well of course its going to be nearly 100, i use it every day., Packaging wise, it broke really easily and the brush keeps escaping, BUT the brush is a proper thin brow brush, and double ended with a spooly brush so that kinda makes up for it. 
And i cant really rate the price when technically i got it for free and it is no longer available to buy, although im sure you'll find it on ebay or something somewhere. 

Love and Light. XxX 

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