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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 (Day 3)

Day Three and we are on Highlighters

I don't even think highlighters were a "thing" when I was training. Obviously in make up we were using highlighting but it was a way to make the clients face look excellent on camera, not day to day use. And it had never even occurred to me years ago that it would become a day to day thing. Same could be said on contouring. 
Now, personally I am not a huge fan of highlighting myself, as in on my own face. I like a bit of blush that has a sheen or sparkle to it, but I don't usually use "Highlighter" for the specific reason of highlighting areas of my face. 

But if  I do highlight I use a pink or opalescent toned highlighter and usually one of my Make up Revolution ones. Now i know everyone will be thinking i'm about to burst into praise over my Ultimate blush and highlight palette but no! I am going to rave about my Vivid Baked Highlighter.  

Product: 95
Packaging: 68
Price: 98

The product fulfills my glittery highlighty unicorn dreams of glory, the price...well its only £3.00 the ONLY thing that lets it down is the packaging feels cheap and is sometimes ridiculously hard to open. But I will be re-purchasing this without a doubt. I think I've highlighted my face more in the past week couple of weeks i've owned this, than i have the entire rest of my life. Added bonus it's cruelty free and sparkly! MAGPIE MODE ENGAGE!

Love and Light XxX 

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