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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

March Birchbox

Well, i didn't order it but it arrived anyway...suspicous but true. Alas i will not grumble because its been nothing but awesome since i opened it this morning!

Look at all the awesome!
This month saw Birchbox have a little collaboration with Lulu Guinness fashion and accessories designer. If i'm honest the only real input i can see from this iconic lady is the black and white stripe pattern and her red lip, on the outer box sleeve, the stick of rock (which inspired her latest "candy shop" collection), also a very generous £20 off when you spend £100 in any Lulu Guinness store, and a lil book of "Life Lessons, as told by Lulu Guinness.

Other then that it's just the usual lil' box รณ awesome samples.
First up, and perhaps weirdest of all is: Cellu-Cup! This is a new "massage" tool to help reduce cellulite. You squish all of the air out of it, suction it to your skin in the shower (must be wet) and massage your cellulite affected areas and it apparently gets rid completley after a few uses. Cellu-Cup is £16.

Next up is Benefit's Stay don't stray Eyeshadow primer in a light/medium shade. £20.50, i used it today, it works. Need i say more!?

Dr.Brandt, Pores no more, pore refiner. £39. I used this before my make-up, it's especially designed for oily skin, people with open pores, it works quite well but has quite a strong tea tree smell to it which i personally dont find very appealing. But thats a personal prefrence.

This Aroma Works Nurture Oil £32.50, is supposed to be applied after you get out of the shower, but i couldn't resist; and i'm glad i didn't wait. It makes your skin feel amazing and smells JUST like lemon sherbert. :)

Lastly, but my utter-most favorite item and my new MUST-HAVE perfume is English Laundry's No.7 For Her. £47. It's a beautiful scent that stays on your skin for such a long time. I cannot get enough of this stuff i'm actually scared of when it runs out. I'll be so sad.

I'm off to eat my Lulu Guinness Candy rock!

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