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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My accidental Silver Hair.

I originally wanted to post about my " amazing lilac hair" but unfortunatly it will not be so, its been BLEACH London pink again, but the colour i bought from Sallys actually turned out to be a mixer toner rather then just a colour, although the silly lady at the shop didnt tell me that. I went ahead and done it anyway. After doing a test strip on my hair i decided it was AWESOME. Especially, seems as this time last year i was attempting to go silver and ended up ginger, i'd say an accidental silver is a WIN all round.

I used a Clynol Viton S Mix tone in "pale blue" which was a lilac colour on a white hair sample, with an a 3% 10 VOL Creme Peroxide, at a ratio of 1:1 all over,

I only left the dye on for 15 min, seems as i was only a toner. And Voilá!

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