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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Small haul! Local shops and Charity (thrift) shops!

I don't have a lot of money floating around at the moment so i've had to be especially stingy with money this week. I also had an unexpected bill of buying my poor lil corn snake a new heat matt as hers broke! :( but mooch is fine now, all warm and snuggly with her new (and expensive) heat matt! - I'm thinking i may need one. I'm ALWAYS COLD at the moment.

Moving on!

My Eyeko Eyeliner pen ran out the other day, only a small sample one from my Birchbox, but i couldn't buy another one (£10) so i had to find a suitable alternative, so i found this Seventeen Brand at BOOTS (uk) and they do this liquid, felt liner "Make Your Mark"ïn black for only £3.99. (Boots have a 3 for 2 offer across the store at the moment too!) (Also the Seventeen brand do a new blusher called a "powder press" its a nifty lil' gadget and i reckon it'll be a new "big thing" so go and get t before it gets too expensive!)

It works just as well as the Eyeko one and dare i say is even a bit bolder and darker. Perhaps not as long-wearing but i'm not planning on keeping eyeliner on for 14 hours.

Next was POUNDLAND. A great British institution, where you can now buy brand-name products for only...you guessed it £1! Thanks to rubbish packaging or teeny tiny spelling mistakes on the bottle... their loss! MY GAIN! MUUUWHAHAAHH, so i managed to pick up...for the grand total of £1 each... a Gel-like Nail polish in a Burgandy-Pink shade from a brand called "Pretty", a Rimmel pearlescent Nail varnish in a petrol-tone purple/green/blue wich is AMAZING. A purple handled Kabuke Brush, with lace print and butterflys on the handle too, you cannot tell it's a cheaper brand... well i guess for now untill the hairs fall out! And a Celvin Klein cream eye-shadow in a Pearl-white, i also previously bought an identicle CK eyeshadow in a brushed steel colour.
I also picked up a reed diffuser for my living room, some scented candles and some odd make up applicator sponges which are always handy! So i was quite chuffed with that!

From Primark... for £2.50 i got these MY FREAKIN' LITTLE PONY Socks, if you've read my blog i need not remind you of my unhealthy obsession with MLP and how i must COLLECT ALL THE THINGS! So seeing these i nearly cried! They also apparently had leggings...but i've missed that boat, there we're none left in my entire store! *weep*

From one of my lovely local charity shops i found this Beauty/Vanity case, it was part of a gift set for Sarah J-Parkers "Lovely" perfume as it's branded on the front and the "SJP" is branded inside, bit i loved the colour, the pattern of the fabric inside, also the little pouch and mirror detail inside too, and it was only £1.50 so now it's on my dressing table as my new home for my eyeshadows. :)

Wilko's i bought some Scented candles, they were in the sale for 75p, and a garland of pale-dusty pink fairy light flowers to decorate my vanity mirror. They're so pretty. (You'll see them set up in my next post) They were also in the sale for £5.

And finally, but by no means least... i bough these two amazing new additions to my office room, also from a charity shop, they were only £2...
LIME-GREEN GNOMES! i mean...who the hell DOESN'T need a pair of Metallic, lime-green gnomes to brighten up their room!? And their chubbly little faces are staring at me right now. I need to come up with names for them, so far the one with the pipe is "Phil".

Any name ideas let me know!

Thanks for reading guys! XxX


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  2. Awesome! I love them! (Ps ive not deliberetly blocked your comment i accidently hit the wrong button on my samsung tab. :(