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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My Make-up room tour, kinda-thing...

I have been requested to do this over on my Instagram a few times. I don't have a make-up room, more of a "sizeable area" in my bedroom for such things.
So here's some room porn:

This is a make-up brush wrap i made myself. :)

This last image shows my glass vanity tray which was 40p from a thrift/charity store and the glass pot with my brushes in was also a thrift/charity find for 30p.
The candy Skull is a gift from a friend that broke.
The snowman is on my desk all year round, simply because it was onoe of the last gits i got from my friend Yuka in Japan before the Tsunami and i lost contact with her. :(
Anyway thanks for porning with me. Most of my storeage items are DIY or thrift shop/charity shop finds.
Hope you enjoyed! :)

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