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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

March Birchbox

Hey followers! Thanks for checking back, i haven't disappeared i've just been super-busy!

This months Birchbox may well be my last for a few months, and i'm so sad that i'm going out on such an AWESOME BOX. I was kind of hoping it'll follow the usual trend of a few good boxe's and then a rubbish one, but i can safely say Birchbox havent been a let down yet.

Anyway in this months box we had;
NOMS! Thats right this moths boxs' theme was "Good Enough to Eat" and boy it was!!!

This months "Lifestyle Extra" was Propercorn usually £0.90 per bag. I got the flavour Sweet Coconut and Vanilla, they also do Lightly Seasalted, Soured cream and Chive, Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato and Sweet and Salty.
The Coconut and Vanilla Flavour i tried was a bit bland at first, but it was so yummy after a few mouth-fulls. Something i will definetly be buying.

The Balm Cosmetics 'How 'bout them Apples' Cheek and Lip Cream, £26-£32 for full size pallet with all 6 Shades price depending on where you buy it from.
I don't usually use a lot of blush as i spend most of my morning trying to cover up my red cheeks. But this creme adds a nice healthy glow, i found i would use it along with bronzer to add a fresh sun-kissed look to my skin. The fact its a cream also means you can choose the opacity of the product, and its multi use so lip balm and cheek colour. I got mine in the shade "Pie" plus there's some FIT Cowboys to perv at on the inside so the packaging gets a million thumbs up! :p

RMK Make Up Base Soft, silk, smooth and slightly toned, has a really light vanilla smell to it, leaves your skin easy to work with for foundation and concealer base. A tad pricey at £28 but i've used my 15ml sample every day since i got my box at the begning of the month and it's not even half empty, so a good investment. It doesn't leave me with breakouts after either like some primers do, as it's so light i find it doesn't clog up my pours.

Colour Club Nail Polish last month Birchbox sent out and e-mail asking subscribers to choose a nail polish colour from this amazing brand, i choose the pastel green colour called "Breakfast At..." as i understand most people did indeed get the colour they selected and i'm totally in love with it. Of the four colour options (green, blue, gold and white) i choose the green because it was something different for my polish collection. I have a lot of different shades by different brands but they're all mostly warmer reds, pinks, golds browns and blacks, i just love this colour. Only downside, that even with my hardest wearing base and top coat's it still chipped after a day or so. :( £15 for the full set of 4.

Laura Mercier Souffle Body cream is AMAZING that is all...
But seriously i want to eat it. I know i cant and it's such a shame but it smells edible and the scent lasts all day on your skin. £27 for an average size tub, but worth it! I haven't even used a quarter of my sample in 3 weeks so it really lasts. Highly recommend it, everyone's been complimenting me on it.

Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser £13.95. this is my least favorite, i don't like the smell at all, it does the job and leave your skin feeling awesome but i'm not sure i want to put it that close to my nose every day.

So that was all in this Month's Birchbox. As i said i doubt i'll be getting one next month but i have a few awesome things coming up so stay tuned. And as usual dont forget to follow me on
INSTAGRAM -I post here nearly every day.

Thanks! XXX

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