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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Beauty Tips, My Night-time Face care routine; for younger-looking glowing morning-time skin!

Since starting Beauty Therapy i have learnt a lot about Skin, (obviously) and my own skin in particular, for instance; I'm 26 and i have not one line nor wrinkle yet...YET. It WILL happen. It comes to us all... but that compared to some of my younger friends, between the ages of 19-24, who have un-believeable crows feet, brown furrows and even cheek/chin sagging. I thought it was mere good-fortune and excellent genetics, but no! Alas it is my years of methodically and almost obsessively looking after my skin.
Not one make-up wipe (mostly), i don't smoke, i don't drink, my caffeine intake is minimal, i drink plenty of water, i wear SPF15 moisturizer daily, without fail, despite my Italian heritage my skin stays a pasty white, there's no olive tones here! And apparently because I've done this since i started wearing make-up when i was 13/14 my skin isn't far off the condition it was back then. Obviously naturally you'll loose collagen, time and environment and stress are all factors but this is your basic list of things you need to keep yourself and your skin young and healthy;

Night- after the makeup comes off!

1- Take your make up off without fail!!!
Next morning-No make up
No! a night out on the town and you coming home drunk ISN'T a good enough excuse to neglect your skin. You still need to take that make up off, all the damage you've already done tonight drinking and smoking/passive smoking is enough to keep your skin desperate for air for a few days so you must do all you can do to relieve if of the stress it'll be under, and taking off your slap is essential. Soap and water is only acceptable if you put on lathers of excellent non-greasy moisturizer after, as soap doesn't tend to help your skins natural PH levels and can dry your skin out, and the fact your pours are open and exposed from cleaning, if your prone to break-outs or spots a non oily or greasy moisturizer is the only option, there's no point in cleaning your face and replace it with more stuff it has to flush out...
Ideally you want to be using a good Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer and get yourself into a good routine. The products don't necessarily need to all be the same brand- but test a few out, avoid high alcohol toners if your skin is dry, they're more for people with oily skin as the alcohol dries your skin out, (that is also why makeup wipes are bad, nay TERRIBLE as they're basically just scented cloths of alcohol) Obviously most beauty products are labelled for your skin type so Dry, Combination, Oily, Mature etc... Get used to doing this Cleanse-tone-moisturize routine EVERY NIGHT without fail. You'll end up with breakouts if you miss a couple, and after a good few you'll notice it in dry patches on your face, and eventually in the future as lines on your face!

2- Drink Water.
Simple, and what it says on the tin, drink your 2Ltrs of water a day to stop your skin drying out and becoming a flaky mess.

Yes, okay pasty white isn't a fashionable look, but when you're 40 and look 60 and us pale-faced sun-avoiders are 70 looking 40 you'll be the one who's miffed. If you must have your glow, or orange hue- fake it! But make sure you still use a good high SPF Everywhere on your body. On top of your fake tan. UV rays can get you even on a cloudy day, the sun always emits this radiation, so if its light out, there's rays about... and that means your skin's going to be working its butt-off to protect itself and you. So help it out a bit!

4- Treat yourself.
Your skin needs a good deep-cleans every month, so use a light slightly abrasive facial scrub, or a mask...or even go and get a facial treatment at a local salon. You'll love it, your skin will love it and if you cant really afford premium salons, go to your local collage's beauty school. they will require models and the prices are usually significantly reduced, and you'll be in good hands as no college tutor would let their therapists in training do a bad job.

5- All beauty products have use by dates
Every single thing you put on your face has a use-buy date, from 3 months, to 34 months, as indicated by this little symbol on every product you own. If its out of date it wont do anything it says its supposed to, no anti-aging, no SPF, no nothing... so use it up or if its out of date...get rid!


So thats the basics, I'll be doing a post on identifying your skin type next week. So stay tuned for that. As usual don't forget to follow me on all my usual haunts;
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