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Saturday, 10 May 2014

I have Red Hair!!!

I finally decided, after months of drooling over fellow bloggers' red hair that i was going to ditch the blonde and go Red... I freakin love it. I kept a slice of blonde in my fringe thats a tad pink now but its amazing. One thing i've noticed; i get a lot more attention from guys. Usually i dont notice men looking, i'm married i dont give two poops about other blokes... But i have to admit it's been noticeable and quite a bit confidence boost.
Only downside ive noticed so far is it hasnt taken too well to the ends on my long side,.. I think its because it has been bleached ao much from my white blonde it's too damaged to absorbe anymore dye! I've been to sallys today and picked up a Indola red (think thats how you spell it) and a 6% peroxide. So im going to just try and keep on top of it fading for the next week or so until it's a solid colour. But even the faded part looks LUSH it's like a rasberry colour! Nom! Overall i love it!

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