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Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas mini-haul, L'óreal skin perfection toner and cleanser review. (warning, also includes rant about ungreatful brats included)

CHRISTMAS WAS HERE; it's been and gone, time for the Easter eggs! Actually saying that, you may think i'm joking, but i used to work for a large supermarket and they have Easter eggs delivered ready to go out on boxing day. Also at the corner shop up the road from me they started selling Easter stuff about 3 weeks ago...

I love Christmas, its my favorite time of year. I love the food, family, friends, snuggling infront of the T.V and of course the gifts. My husband and I didn't have a lot of money this year, most of the gifts i made, or we bought in sales etc... And we didn't ask for anything as we knew money was tight for others too, but i still got quite a good haul.
I also got a bit of money to spend in the sales, i did hit Primark on boxing day with my sister but i literally bought one thing as we were rushing and that was this beautiful Pink one button blazer, in a really soft cotton fabric, only £7!

I also treated myself to some new Cleanser and toner, it's the new L'oreal Skin Perfection range, in the pink packaging. Cheaper then my No7, protect and perfect and 100% better for my skin. I have quite sensitive combination skin, oily t-zone and dry cheeks, so i needed something that covered all three bases, the No7 stuff was the only product i'd ever used that didn't dry my skin out too much nor make it too oily, and didn't bring me out in spots or redness. This new L'oreal Skin Perfection range is AMAZING. It completely changed my skin after one use. I don't have the day or night cream yet, but i will. It's now going to be my new range. I've been ordered to stop using make up wipes, and you should too, the chemicals in them and alcohol content are insane! So cleanse, Tone and Moisturise all the way ladies!!! The cleanser and toner were on offer, usually around £7-8 each but i got mine for £5-ish, plus you get your Superdrug loyalty points so it all adds up to money off later on!

I also treated myself to some True Match Minerals, Powder foundation in 'golden ivory', as i was using a Revlon matte finish creme but it was clogging my pores and was visible to the naked eye. I cannot rave about this True Match Minerals foundation enough! It's so easy, and even and just gives you a lovely glow. If you have a spot break out i'd still recommend using a concealer underneath but no more caking on thick cream foundation! It's around £14 from Superdrug (UK)

Now for the rant, i'm literally outraged by what is summed up in this article: Brats on Twitter
Now i'm not going to go overly 'High and mighty' because i do understand the pain of getting a gift you didn't really want. But sometimes that's how life goes kids! If you don't like it, be honest but not in a horrid way and just ask if you can exchange it, don't beat the sh*t out of your mum, or cry, or say your parents ruined your life because you got a white iPhone and not a black one... you know what i'd do...sell it because i bloody hate apple, but also i'd say oh i didn't really want the white one, thank you though, but is there any way i could get it changed for a black one. DON'T smash it up and throw it at your mum! OR alternatively you can just shut up and be f*cking great-full you got a present from your parents at all and not drop-kicked on your ass out the house. I swear that a few in that generation have a few thousand brain cells missing, or a few they just share between them... I'm horrified that my kids may be worse! But then i remembered, I'm awesome and my kids wont get away with any of that. I'm pretty sure my kids will understand life in all its wonder, no religion forced on them (if they want to be religious they can, and i'll help or support them), there will be no over the top outbursts because they ripped their school trousers while they were having fun. And i'm certainly not allowing them to become some of the spoilt brats I've witnessed this Christmas. I want my kids to grow up still looking at the stars and wondering and imagining the impossible.

****I do whole-heartedly want to explain too that this is the daily mail so their representation of all of the kids these days is only based on a biased view of a few twitter accounts, and by no way should allow everyone to tar all of that generation with the same brush.

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