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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I'm one of those people who is constantly updating my facebook status threatening to go a different colour, people say no and i do it anyway. I'm always on the look out for new colours etc, especially in the past year since finally getting my hair the the white blonde i 'always' wanted. But then there are so many new shiney awesome colours that will make me look awesome... and finally i'll be happy with my hair... ERRGH WRONG.

I hauled myself some BLEACH LONDON products from Boots (UK), this brand is from a salon of the same name in London, (yes really, who'd have thunk), and this salon is where all us 'out there' non-conformists, can go and conform together into one rainbow hair mass. So i got myself a lovely white toner kit, which essentially is a dye kit, rather then my usual pot of whack-it-on directions white toner, and some silver shampoo as well as a bottle of 'Rose' pink hair dye. It's only semi, lasts 2-10 washes, although that immidiatley rings alarm bells for me as it's a bit vague. Usually 8-10 washes i feel comfortable with, but 2-10??? I mean am i going to go in with mild pink hair on my 6th wash and come out stark-white again on the 7th??

Moaning aside it is a nice dye, i will add i haven't used either of the other products yet, only the Rose colour. Its in a simple easy bottle, whack it on washed, NOT conditioned, towel-dried hair, it's a lovely gloopy formula that goes NEON pink on your hair. It is only recommended for very light blonde hair although i have seen a couple of reviews on darker blondes and it does still show up a lovely softer pink colour. It doesn't stay NEON pink. Wait 15 min, wash it off and out comes this amazing soft, candyfloss-pink hair.

Suprisingly i DO love it! Although i've had it two days and i'm bored already. But that will be the joy of it washing it out in under 10 washes, because i can pop back down to boots and pick up another colour. Also, as my hair is quite short, i only used half a bottle so i still have another half i can top up the colour with. I will warn you though. I hadn't long had my roots done, and it didn't take too well to my roots. :(

The white toner kit was £7, the silver shampoo £5 and the Rose dye was also £5 but at the moment boots have a 3 for 2 offer on their salon brand hair products so i got the cheapest item free! :)

All-in-all if you're like me and you get bored easily, its highly recommended brand for colours. Especially if you want to to stand out! But i do feel its a tad over-priced and the bottles feel really industrial and kind of cheap, although they do look awesome. The product smells amazing, and i think it'll be better value for money if it drops down in price (which it probably will when the hypes died down). I do highly recommend it! So have fun experimenting with their vast rainbow of colours and i'll stick up my review of the toner and shampoo in 2-10 washes! Xx

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