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Friday, 11 November 2016

Make Up Revolution Haul (Tam Beauty)

Hello Beautiful Faces!
My blog posting was on such a roll, but life and tech issues are a plague upon the modern blogger!
Excuses aside...
I am a qualified make up artist. I'm allowed to have an unhealthy obsession with make up, but unlike other artists I have a low budget, no savings, I live pay to pay and sometimes cant afford to buy food... so when I do have spare money I don't really want to be spending ridiculous amounts on designer and trend make up. But I still want the outcome...and all I can say is THANK GOD FOR MAKE UP REVOLUTION.
I'm utterly in love. Its well priced, drugstore make up with the pay-off of a high quality brand, the added benefit of having vast amounts online, in store and being cruelty free too! BOOM

Over the past 5 months I've been picking up the odd item here and there so I thought i'd share them with you guys! I also created a couple of Halloween looks using these items AND I even did swatches of the lipsticks for you beauts! As usual links and current prices at time of posting are all below photos.

As much as I adore all their products I have to say the lipsticks have to be my favorite of them all.

(Left to Right)

Swatches (left to right) 
Chauffeur Matte, Chauffeur Rose gold, Private members club, Liberty Matte and Deepen.
 My first purchase was the Chauffeur in Rose gold, and I'm not going to lie, it was because of the packaging. My magpie mode engaged, I had £3 and a "F*ck it" moment. Then that lead into the pinky and berry shades, then the darkest berry matte and then Chauffeur in Matte because...well sometimes a girl needs a matte shade.

I also bought some of their Salvation liquid Lacquer- which I shall openly admit is not as good. It's a bit drying, if you eat with it on it seems to go powdery and its STAINS. I bought the shades "Velvet Vamp", "Velvet Reble" and "Velvet Black Heart", another disappointing part of this was Vamp and Black heart are identical shades. If i took the stickers off the packaging I wouldnt be able to tell them apart except in opacity. They also take a really long time to dry! 

and then stained for hours after...
They can all be found HERE and are all £3.00

 Next is Palettes. I have 3 eye shadow Palettes and one blush Palette and every morning it is always an annoying choice between them all as I usually want to wear all of them. But they all cater to my inner unicorn as much as my inner goth.

Mermaids Vs Unicorns £4.00
The colour pay off on this isnt as intense as you may think first off but it is totally worth the extra effort to drag across another layer. Shades are easily bendable and all of them pretty much work with one another. There are a few shades with added glitter just to appease that inner unicorn!

This was actually my first ever Make up Revolution item and it's now about a year old. I bought it because at the time I had just coloured my hair bright green and I wanted the brights to contrast with my hair. Its well used and still not touched pan!


Flawless Matte £8.00
This is for my inner goth and grunge days. Every single shade in this palette is highly pigmented, and some even come out a lot darker than they are in their pans. I am very pale so do take into consideration that any colours will appear more pigmented on a blank canvas. But I truly Adore this palette. (there's now a flawless matte 2)

I use this every day. I use the bottom right, non shine brown for contouring, the 3rd top for my blush and the white for highlight. And when i'm doing bridal make up i use bottom row and second in for blush as it has a pigment to it that also acts as a highlight and the soft rose colour works on all skin types and is amazing on every bride. 

Odds: Individual eye shadows and highlight.
Make up Revolution Eye shadow £1.00 each!!! There are loads of colours to chose from I have "Insomnia, Purple Heaven and Good Life"

(Pink lights is no longer available on there website so I linked a coral highlight called "Rose Gold Lights")

(if you ever see my amazing cat-eye I usually wear daily on my Instagram, THIS is what I used)

If you've made it this far down the post here are some bonus Halloween pics using Make up Revolution products!


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