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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Green/ Mermaid Hair.

That's right people. I have kept a hair colour for longer than 2 months. ARE YOU NOT IMPRESSED.

Admittedly it's changed from the La Riche, Directions "Teal" to a new combo of colours...
allow me to show you...

If you go to my first green hair post HERE. You'll see the original colour my sister created. Now we're here;

I have used a combo of Alpine green/ Apple Green / Spring Green, but I have recently ordered some Midnight Blue to add to the combo to begin adding more blue tones throughout to make it an awesome mermaid extravaganza.

I'm actually totally in love with my hair like this. I have seen a few people in recent weeks try and re-create it but mines still better. Im also avoiding bleaching it like i used to because 1) As we discovered before green is just the worst colour to remove...and 2) it's actually quite unique to have right now, although "mermaid" and "sea" hair is on the rise on Instagram.

I have to top it up once every 2-3 weeks so i find its always changing colour too, which is doubly awesome.

I buy all of my dyes from Salon sellers on Ebay for around £3 a pot. Although recently I have noticed the prices creeping up to around £3.50. 
Original directions website is HERE
or for inspiration from the Directions Instagram go HERE
(this is not sponsored) 

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