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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Lindy Bop Review

   I have a new love, it's in the form of a website and their amazing dresses and clothing items. 
   This post/ review is not sponsored, I discovered the site completely by accident and I bought 3 dresses in their (up to) 70% off sale they had on boxing day/ for January.

   First off with Christmas money on boxing day after the Lush sale fail. (see previous post for that horror!) I wanted to make myself feel better so I perused the Lindy Bob Website and found a beautiful 50's style every-day dress In the style "Tara" in Midnight blue.
    Original Price was £34.00 (roughly) and it was reduced to £21.99 with free p&p. It arrived within a couple of days and I was so excited to put it on... and i do love it...BUT...because i'm short (5ft2") and I'm quite large busted I had to order it in a size 20 and it was way to long and too big... obviously i wore it regardless as the excess fabric just made the skirt bit feel even more fabulous.

    And the only other gripe i had with this dress was that the under-bust seam had loose threads that kept getting caught in the size zip that made it hard to do up...but it's easily fixable....as for the length, I may keep it at this length as it is the shortest of all the dresses I bought and I do quite like the length.
    But for the price and the overall quality is just amazing. I love it and have worn it a few times complete with proper 1950's underwear which I have posted over on my Instagram @Sway_pinup. This Midnight Blue "Tara" dress isn't available anymore as far as I can find and there's only a few odd sizes in other fabrics which I will link HERE. 
 And the other "midnight blue" alternatives I have linked HERE. 

   Next was a beautiful Tartan or Plaid dress that my Husband convinced me to buy in the style "Grace". Being part Scottish I feel a tad bit patriotic in this... but also a bit stereotypical haha all I need is a Deep-fried mars bar.
   As you can see this dress is long, too long on me. It's designed to be just below the knee, but its more mid-to almost ankle length on me. If its filled out with a petticoat it'll take up some of the length but I will need to re-hem it and take it up a good few inches. Again I had to get this in a size 20 to accommodate my Jubblies, but it actually fits quite well around the waist too. The zip is quite long and at the back, which for me is impossible to do up or undo alone...so I actually thread a piece of lace or ribbon through the zip so I can pull the zip up myself, obviously once done up I then take the lace off but here's a picture just as a useful hint for ladies with similar issues.
 This dress was £30 Reduced to £17.99. Again with free p&p and arrived in 2-3 days. There's loads of fabric, but the fabric does feel a bit thin. Excellent for spring though. It looks great on and I don't feel like i'm showing off too much boob. This style in this tartan is no longer available but I have linked other Tartan Dresses HERE. And other colour/fabric options for the "Grace"style of dress HERE.

   Last but not least is the best of them all...although first off let me say that originally I bought "Violetta" in a nude/ Champaign colour with black Polka dots.
   It was stunning and only £9.99 but I bought it in  a size 18 instead of a 20 as I wanted it to be more fitted on the waist...and it was but it didn't do up around the bust at all. Usually in shops like Primark and New Look I'm a size 16 and 18 in some non-stretch tops, so I thought i'd get away with it, but  I ended up having to return the dress and I exchanged it for a slinky wiggle dress my husband also chose in the style "Raven". I bought it in Red and it is also available in Black and Purple too and I think they are all in the sale still. The Red was reduced from £29.99 to just £8.99 WHICH IS INSANE so I ended up actually getting a refund of £1 too, but the Purple and Black colours in the same style are only reduced to £17.99 HERE.
   The dress however, as I again had to size up, is too big on the bottom half. I have included images of it with me holding the extra fabric so you can see what it will look like once i have altered it. I also again need to take the length up by about 3/4".

    As you can see on the left it fits lovely around the boobs but on the right I've pulled all the spare fabric back so you can see what it'll look like when I've taken off about 2". Proper fitting clothes really do make all the difference in your clothes ladies!
    Over all i'm so happy with the items. I guess the alterations for me aren't such a big deal as I am used to having to alter my clothing because of my figure. Larger boobs and a small waist are a bless and a a curse. The Raven dress makes me feel redicilously fab and its my favorite of all of the dresses so far, but i expect there will be more purchases. The have literally just got in all of their new spring lines and spring fabrics and they are drool-worthy. I find the majority of the things i've bought were well-made, fast p&p and their returns policy is easy to work and understand and quick, they keep you up to date and e-mail you and you can track your order via their website if you sign up. They have loads of offers on all the time, amazing clearance prices and adorable matching mother-daughter dresses, and do womens sizes 6-26!!! I think it's safe to say they get a huge thumbs up from this hour-glass short-ass.

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