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Friday, 5 February 2016

Early Valentines Celebrations and Random Finds.

         I got my hands on the BEAUTIFUL shimmery contour/highlight/blush pallet from Revolution in Superdrug...it was only £6 (HERE) In the shade "Golden Sugar". I also found this beautiful smelling, unopened and unused Gloria Vanderbilt Dusting powder, there's no link as its apparently gone out of production and loads of people seem to be looking for it online so I may sell it. I only bought it for the pretty pink vintage packaging but if someone out there wants it so bad I feel bad hogging it.

   Due to our jobs neither of us really get to actually celebrate Valentines as we're both always working, so this year we took it upon ourselves to beat the rush and celebrate a week early. Although admittedly we wouldn't really be rushing anyway, as we are both well-aware you don't need a single day of the year to spoil each other. We try and do it as often as we can anyway and as often as we can afford. For example last month was a swanky hotel and a gig...this month...just so happened to coincide with valentines and was a meal out and a ring for me... (sqwee) It's a Pandora one I've wanted for aggesss. So i was super excited to get it! My treat to him is going to be towards the end of the month i'm taking him to see Deadpool (of course) and will be treating him like the princess he is. ;) 


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