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Friday, 26 February 2016

I just can't stop myself. (Metallic Glory/DIY Silver Hair)

I know!
I know!
I just can't help it, i get bored....

I did this...
To This...(greasy dark brown)

 ...To tone it to an ashy brown (grey mutes the red tones)
And then had some left so I mixed what was left 50/50 With conditioner and put it on my blonde (orange) streak for the last 5 Min ...
And I got Dark brown hair with an old lady grey streak. 


Anyway, the wordy part. This is a product from Superdrug By Knight and Wilson. It's part of their "Colour Freedom" collection and these dyes are called Metallic Glory. £7.99.
I used the second to darkest shade called "Stone Grey" which on pre-lightened hair will turn it a lovely soft blue/grey/stone/black shade, but on already dark hair its supposed to neutralize any warm tones and cool your colour to make it look more shiny and metallic, that was originally the only plan as i had bleached and toned my under-fringe area to be blonde/white blonde. But i was finding it looked yellow against the red tones in the brown hair. 
I had a bit of product left over so i thought "meh, why not tone the blonde bit" (because frankly i didnt think it being on my fringe for literally less than 5 min AND mixed with conditioner that it would actually turn out as silver/grey as it did)
So 5 min before i had to wash it all of i slapped the 50/50 mix on...washed it off and ta-da....grey/silver fringe.
And it was a happy accident as i'm actually loving it and rocking it right now! 

The other shades seem to work really well too, on pre-lightened hair so if you're looking for the silver/grey trend colour at home i couldn't recommend this dye enough. It even left my bleached damaged area feeling pretty darn nourished and healthy again! 

(and now i'm totally tempted to do my dark colour to grey ombre)


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