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Thursday, 22 October 2015

More Green Hair Issues

I finally get my hair a colour that i adore, that suits my skin tone, looks natural and will be low-cost on up-keep....YEAH RIGHT!!!
First off- It's my own damn fault....for wanting crazy galaxy hair colours...the La Riche Turquoise is a beautiful colour but forbid anyone who wants to lose the green locks!!!

My lovely Ginger/Copper tones still have streaks of green on the ends and through some areas, and as the colour fades the green really shows through...especially at work in the artifical lighting.
I tried re-dying with the same semi-conditionng colour i bought (see previous post), but the green still lurked. Then i went out and bought a pernanent colour, the Live XXL in Mango- which is new, and beautiful by the way...but still the green is there like an unwanted fetted aura of doom....

Short of bleaching and re-dying which i really want to avoid all i can do is go more red to combat the green tones (if you know your colour wheel red is opposite to green so they cancel each other out and make brown)...my idea was to go red, like rich deep red, then get some micro-loop hair extentions in a ginger/blonde to add tones to my hair, maybe even ombre it...

I'm annoyed though, and dont want to admit defeat. It makes no sense that a semi-colour would last so long as the colour doesnt attatch to the cortex, but insted to the outer surface of the hair, although the running theory is my hair was damaged and the green got in the coretex...so technically bleach is the only way to remove...merrrgh.
Anyway rant over. I have a week or so to decide so im going to do more research.
Have any of you had similar issues? Or know a solution?
Thans for Reading!

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