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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hair Update: From Galaxy Hair to Winter Red also...Getting Green out of your hair is a TASK.

So. As you all know...I change my hair like the Seasons. this time quite literally. I was a super awesome Purple/Green/Blue Galaxy inspired Ombre hair colour for the summer. I loved it. But the upkeep was irritating. As much as I love and adore La Riche Directions'colours because they are semi colours and my hair grows like weeds, I found I was having to re-do the roots every 2-3 weeks. On the plus side the colour was always vibrant.

   But because it was the Directions Plum transitioning into Turquoise, when I couldn't afford to buy more colour I had to let it fade. And although the Plum colour stayed really vibrant the Turquoise faded to a Cow-pat green shade and it had to go.
I was watching a lot of Guy Tangs Videos. Looking at all of his amazing colour combinations, his colour melts...inspired completely but lacking the skill and time/money I took to Pinterest instead to research Autumnal colours and natural looking colours.
After a week of evenings spent on Pinterest, getting distracted by other pretties I settled for a beautiful rich Auburn/Ginger colour. My brother is Ginger and we have a similar skin tone. Being Part Italian and Part Scottish I'm quite lucky in the fact that I'm naturally very pale but I tan very easily and go a lovely Olive colour. So I know most natural shades of hair colour suit me. I was tempted by a chestnut brown but I've been there before. I wanted something different.
   So first step was to bleach bath my hair. Your mixture should be equal parts bleach powder/developer/shampoo. Try and make sure you use a plain basic shampoo so nothing will counter-act any other chemicals. The bleach powder I used was the High Lift BBlonde Blue powder bleach by Jerome Russell (£3.99 Superdrug) and a 20 Vol developer from Sallys that we stock in our salon. The shampoo I chose to mix was also one we just stock in the Salon; IQ Intelligent Shampoo, Deep Cleanse (£8.00ish). I left this mix on for between 20 and 30 min. and it resulted in lovely blonde roots, a slightly orange secondary colour and a sludge green smear through the ends.

I then had to counter-act the leftover green, and to neutralise green you need to add a Red colour and this should bring it down to a brown tone. As a pre-pigment I used the Chilled Ed-stain from Aston and Fincher, Usually you need a RED to counteract a Green but as I was going for a copper colour I didn't want a red pre-pigment to interfere with the final colour so I used the Ed-stain in Orange.

This neutralised most of the green tones, made a sludgy brown/ginger tone but there were still green tinges certain lights.

From there I used my Final Colour; Matrix Color Sync In 6RC+. It is super conditioning, has a self contained Primer and lasts long enough that my roots would need re-doing anyway. This colour can only be developed using the Matrix Color Sync Developer or 'activator'. I have linked them but they may only be available to salons. Amazon will probably have it. Anyway... That first colour came out lovely, multi-tonal but had patches of green still visable in the light.

So being a perfectionist. I waited a week and re-applied to the troubled areas and it came out an amazing bright copper colour. 

I'm so happy with the final outcome. All my Autumnal clothes go well with my hair (greens/browns/reds) and it really makes my eyes look more green, doesnt look odd against my pale skin or freckles and my brows even match without having to dye/pencil them in. I'm really happy with it and I'm hoping this will be a colour that stays for a good while. 
Thanks for Reading! xoxo

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