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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Boots Beauty Haul

Oh My Word!!! If it was ever possible for me to fall head over heels with a set of false nails it has happened... on my trip to Boots to buy some beauty essentials (and not-so essentials) I discovered these; Ted Baker Floral False Nails. They are stunning. Simple as that and they're £8 for the full set. I would have bought them had i not realised i'm now doing Manicures and Pedicures as part of my beauty course, so I wouldn't be able to wear them as i have to have my nails done every week (oh the horror!) 
So, after that epic pout fest in the middle of my local Boots store I proceeded to make myself feel better buy buying some new Barry M Nail Polish. The have a new "Aquarium" range which is filled with these beautiful pearlescent colours; I bought shade AQNP3- which is basically a gold/pink shimmer.
There are a few other colours, next on the agenda will be their AQNP6 which is a Teal/blue and looks like the Mermaid leggings from Black Milk. Link to the varnishes is HERE.
From Barry M i also bought myself some Matte Black nail polish, i have the Matte in a Nude colour for sensible occasions but i needed to let my old inner gothy rock chick out! Both of these were £3.99 in Boots (uk).

Next was a new beauty sponge from Real Techniques. It was £5 and boasted to be better than all the other shaped sponges for make up application as it has a variety of different surfaces for different areas of the face. I will admit i used it once and the Complexion Sponge is amazing. It doesn't eat up all your product and the odd angles and shapes literally does mean you can get your foundation into every single area of your face for even coverage. It also has some online tutorials which i've linked HERE

Last but not least, my new favorite blush; from Seventeen, is their Cheek Stamp Blush. I got mine in the shade "Blush" simply becasue it has a beautiful sheen to it when its on your skin. I've noticed a lot of reviews for this item and people seem to be unable to get their heads around that the blush product is actually in the lid, essentially behind the handy mirror you get with it, and when you puff the little spring-loaded pad back into the lid that loads up the pad with the pigment! When it's stored away again the act of screwing the pad side back in retracts the pad area away from the blush itself so it doesn't over-load, simple! :) 
As I said, it's the sheen that drew my attention to it. It just makes your skin look like it's glowing. The link to this is HERE and it is £4.99.


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