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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Primark and New Look haul, plus interesting price differences between AX Paris online and in store....

First things first. I have to address my BARGAIN OF THE DAY:

This is my nude/pink and black Body con dress from AX Paris. Bought in store from New Look. Now as i said in the title, there was a very large price difference when i looked up the dress online to add a link to my blog, on the Offical AX Paris website it is Listed as £40 HERE.
While I luckily enough picked up the Dress for only £16 in the Sale in New Look. I know obviously they have completely different marketing and pricing techniques as obviously New Look buys in AX Paris stuff and sells it for them, like Quiz clothing do as well. But i would have thought that in order to reduce the price of an item from an outside label it would have to be instructed by the label's owner, and then they too would match the price, as what is stopping someone from buying the £16 one from New Look, taking off the New Look tag and taking it back to AX Paris to get a £40 refund... Or am i the only one who thinks bad people would do things like this...
ANYWAY moving on, i also bought a small bag to match from New Look, It's literally the perfect match, with a beautiful Gold chain strap, this was £12.99 brand new.
I'm so happy with this outfit when i put it on, all i need now are some shoes. Oh i should probably add it's for a friends wedding in april so i deliberetly went for similar or matching items, and the longer sleeves were just a plus for me, because as much as i like showing off my Tattoos i find my upper arms are a problem area for me and i like to hide them when there are cameras about.

Also in the New Look sale i FINALLY got my hands on a FLUFFY JUMPER>>> Not the Pale blue cropped Top Shop one I wanted, but when on a budget you have to say No sometimes. Especially at those prices. This one is just as soft, bigger and slightly baggier but i love the fit. I couldn't decide between the cream or the burgandy colour, in the end i bought the darker, simply because when i'm eating, food seems to be attracted to my breasts, and i'm less likely to stain a dark plum one.
That was £12, and i bought it in size bigger as i like to layer my jumpers and not feel too resticted. Because of how wide the neck is it looks lush with a shirt on underneath and the collar peaking through.
Final thing from New Look in the sale again were these amazing little Candy-Skull nail wraps that were only £1! Amazing! So far they've lasted 3 days with minimal chipping, and i've still done my usual day-to-day cleaning and washing up. So well worth the money!

Next are a couple of bits from Primark;
First of all these skinny, faux leather trousers. If you've followed me on previuos blogs you'll know i'm a sucker for leather but i never used to wear it as i'm a size 16 i had it drummed into my head that i was "too big". But sod it! I now own two pairs of faux leather trousers, and when i pass my bike licence i'll be in leather a hell of a lot more.

Then i saw this, and if you know me at all, even just a tad, you'll know that ANYTHING with My Little Pony on is MINE! It's like one of a few things i can remember vividly and fondly from when i was younger. When it first came into fashion and everyone was going on about "retro" My Little Pony items and i just complained, i didn't want to share my "thing" with anyone. Obviously it's not exclusivly MINE but you get what i mean. I didn't want my quirky little thing to become everyones fashion statement, but i take it all back. It's so much easier to find MLP items now!

I also own the white t-shirt they had of MLP, back in August. Next on the agenda is their MLP pyjamas! Muwahahaha!

And last but not least i had to add on this little Geisha Make up bag i bought from a charity shop, still brand new, never used had it's tags on it. And was only £1.75! So pretty and the colours are amazing.

As usual thank you all for reading my lovlies! And thank you so much for all your support so far! Already! It's been a crazy two months back on the scene!
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