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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hair Chalks; The Scam.

I'm usually the last person to put-down a company for getting on-board with a new trend, let alone many companies at once- but all the companies who have jumped on the Hair Chalk bandwagon should be ashamed of themselves. Especially the prices they're charging for WHAT it is. Most of them will say their's is "better for your hair" etc...but the truth is, chalk is chalk, and someone just happened to discover that wetting your hair and applying a coloured chalk meant the colour stayed, for a few days at least... and brands have taken a simple idea, slapped their name on it and charged TRIPLE or even more then what it is actually worth. The only reason this outrages me so much is becasue at the moment, not everyone has a lot of money about, but they want to keep up with the latest trends- which is perfectly acceptable, especially when its a trend that is supposed to be so quick and easy! But the poor souls are being lead to believe if they buy this brand-name chalk it'll be better then artists' Dry pastels- which may i add i bought for the grand total of £3.00 for 34 differet colours.
You can even get them on ebay for 99p! But the brands claim you must buy their individual colour chalks at rediculous prices when at their core they are all the same. They very rarely actually have any added ingredients that will benefit your hair- at most some oil. But all that will do is stop the colour taking as well to your hair. With hair chalks at the end of the day all you are doing is filling the opening in the folicles of your hair, with a dampened coloured powder and sealing it in with heat. It'll wash out in 1-3 washes. Its a temporary, quick-fix "weekend fashionista" trend. Which is what makes it so popular!
You can leave work on a friday at 17:00 with plain boring hair, and by 18:00 have pink dip-dye effect or multi colour rainbow streaks which will be gone by work Monday morning! It's an accessible trend that everyone of all price-ranges can access. You just have to make sure it is the dry pastels/chalks you use and not artists oil pastels etc... the key is the powdery substance.

I just hate to see people thinking they NEED to buy the espensive brands when it's really not nessisary. I've included a list below of brand names should you want to check them out anyway. But honestly, just go to your local art shop or search Ebay for "hair chalk" or artist pastels... and you'll save yourself a small fortune.
Beauty should be accessable to everyone, not just the ones who can afford brand-names.

Fudge Urban Hair Chalk @ Superdrug (uk) £5.99 / $9.85 (US Dollars)

Hair Color Chalk (haircolorchalk.com) £9.72 / $15.99

Hot Hair Huez (hothairhuez.com) 4 Chalks for £9.09 / $14.95

Or last and very much LEAST:
L'├ôreal Hair Chalk £15.00 EACH / $24.67

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