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Monday, 21 October 2013

White hair tutorial (from black)

Hello dolls! 

I actually get stopped in the street and asked how i get my hair white, and seems as i usually turn into a dribbling mess of useless information i thought it would be easier to direct them to my blog! 

It used to be jet  black... I was dying it with permanent at-home dye from the age of 16; i was a proud goth so no mocking! :p 
I decided after my wedding in September 2012 that i was fed up with the jet black look, because I'd been dying it so long with at home colours i had to phase it out so from the September up until the December I started it dying it with semi-permanent colours and using lighter shades, so black/brown, then brown then chestnut... but obviously the years of abuse meant no matter what i did the ends of my hair were stuck with the Ebony hue... SO i chopped all of my hair off... I literally tell no lies, i went from ass-length hair to short almost pixie crop.

From there; because I'm impatient and didn't want to wait for it to grow out i used a B Blonde at home lightening and bleaching kit, TWICE in one night... **WARNING** my hair and i have always had a good relationship, i am by no way saying that you should bleach your hair twice in one go... it will damage your hair! especially if you have lovely long hair it'll break, dry out and snap off! 

Anyway- make sure you use blue powder bleach, it helps to combat any yellow tones, the first bleach was for 40 min and was with a 12% peroxide .. it burnt my scalp, i wont lie, i shall not be doing that ever again, it was then followed by a conditioning treatment and another bleach with a 9% peroxide (this was the best) for 30 min, and it brought my hair to this yellow-ginger colour. I then put a Koleston colour from Sally's in ash blonde over the ginger to try and neutralise it and left it as a strawberry blonde for about 3 weeks. 

It was a nice colour but not the one i wanted, so then it was another 40 min bleach with 9% peroxide which left it like a custard colour all over with white bits. I then dyed it with another Koleston (with 9% aswell) this time a Special Blonde in 12/81 (from Sally's £10.99). I Also used a toner from boots in iced platinum which was pretty naff and left my hair purple (some toners do this anyway and it does wash out so don't panic!), and a week or so later I ordered some Directions by la Reich white toner - which was actually the best toner I'd used and i now swear by it! So i ended up this lovely white colour;

 Now, white hair does involve upkeep and you do need to be so so nice to your poor hair, especially if your naturally dark. Toner is a MUST, as is a purple/tone correcting shampoo, I've tried a lot of different brands over the past few months but nothing beats the PRO:VOKE Silver shampoo from BOOTS (around £2.00)- it smells nice and if you use any strengthening conditioner as well it leaves your hair so soft. 

Twice a week toning shampoo from Boots

Other toning shampo's I've used, the PRO:VOKE on the left is by far the best, its a daily use one. 

Now more recently because i feel so bad about the way I've been treating my hair i have started using a L'oreal Paris at home Dye, one of their "Blondeissims" range in "Extreme Platinum". Its still damaging obviously as it still has peroxide in it etc... but it smells lovely, and the conditioner is amazing! (I wish they sold it separately). 
Basically, with this at home dye, it's got your usual peroxide, and colour mix, but also powder and a high shine elixir that you add to your mix and you end up with this thick, floral smelling white dye, it's non-drip so its so easy to apply, especially if you're just doing a root touch up like i was...

You do have to leave it on for the full time stated other wise you'll end up with CUSTARD HAIR and make sure you use the conditioner it comes with! ALso that you use your PRO:VOKE toning shampoo the day after (and more of the conditioner). My hair feels so soft and healthy now and i love it. Can't fault the colour...well other then the first time i did it i didn't leave it for the full 40-45 min and ended up with custard roots... 


Willing to answer any more questions i can...just ask! :) 

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