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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

December Fave's (the month of Lush)

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's no understatement when i say winter is my favorite time of year, I can't really pin-point a specific reason, just in my mind it's more about home and family, everything is more glitzy and lushcious. It just has me literally buzzing.
 My December had my first trip to Cabbot Circus, Christmas, Loads of Lush Products and plenty of sale bargains.

First up, at work we had a Christmas fair, where i had a stall selling odd little things i'd made. Also, my first attempt at shortbread, and i made our winter display cake for work too.

Next we have my epic sale finds in H & M, i spent a grand total of £10 all together on all these items. 
Purple beanie, mint green dress and vest, and mint green and pink flower crop. 

Then there was Lush. 

Candy mountain bubble bar, snow fairy shower gel, seanik shampoo bar, full of grace solid face moisturiser, cannot remember the name of the solid glitter bar. But these all seriously smelt amazing, but this wasnt the end, i then bought one of Lush's 'Star of wonder' gift boxes in their sale. 

This was reduced down to £17, it included; shoot for the stars bath bomb, snow fairy sparkle bar, more snow fairy shower gel, star light star bright bath melt, another candy mountain bubble bar, and sparkler bath fizzer/bomb. 
And as if that wasnt enough, one of my best friends got me a Little Snow Fairy gift box for christmas, which included even more Snow Fairy shower gel and some pink Fun. 

So, i literally smell lush! It's been immence, and i had such an awesome and relaxed Christmas day and as so lucky to get som really great presents, Star trek TNG season 2, Adventure time season 1, Guardians of the Galaxy Blueray and soundtrack, My perfume, Ghost by night. Pj's,a fedora, new purse, new make up bag, watch...but best of all, my Tattoo booked in with Paula Castle in Feb. 
December 2014, you rocked.   :) 

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